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Congratulations, you guys. That is an awesome achievement.

As for AJ, I don't think he necessarily fell off the wagon, but it is a good theory. That would surely depress him, especially due to his support group involvement.

But like others in the thread, I believe foul play is a strong possibility, too. I usually don't put too much stock in eyewitness testimony, but two men who knew AJ well identified him with the mysterious red car (two separate witnesses, I might add, who described the car the same exact way). As for his car being found near the support group, I wonder if he went back to grab something after being spotted at the convenience store, and that's when he was cornered. What the motive would have been if this theory is correct, I've no idea, nor can I think of why they would let him be seen in public. Perhaps they were characters from his past who wanted something out of him, but you'd think someone would know something.

I find this case particularly heartbreaking. You can see how painful his disappearance was for his family after a couple of years, but now it's been almost 26 years.
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