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Thumbs up 2016-17 SEASON FINAL RATINGS

Since the series premiered, Call Girls has been the top dog on YTN, and that story remains the same this season. While it did lose a bit of ground for the first time in three seasons, it was far and away number one for the network - and easily the top drama in its timeslot.

Moving to its own timeslot this season was no trouble for CIA Files, which dipped an okay 16%. Given it aired only 16 episodes at midseason, behind Call Girls last season, that hold is rather remarkable. It was also only 0.04 tenths ahead of a still-surging Virus. The serial drama jumped a whopping 25%, led by a series high 4.1 for its season premiere.

Another major story for YTN was resurgence of Looking for Love this spring. Falling to series lows in the fall, it suddenly reversed course and scored its best numbers in over three years. This is the furthest gap between a fall and spring season and is the first time *ever* the spring season finished ahead of the fall one.

For the rest of the bunch, it was a lot of the same: down, down, down. An astounding 15 series were down by more than 20% year-to-year, almost double the number from last season (8). Additionally, five of those 15 were down by more than thirty percent in a single year.

The biggest loser was now-cancelled Beneath it All and Secret Service, both down 36%. Beneath it All debuted last season to average numbers, but the bottom fell out from the very beginning of season two. As for Secret Service, it continued its downward trend before being tossed onto Fridays, where it recorded several 0.6 demos. Those steep drops were followed by now-summer-comedy Friends of Mine (down 35%), sophomore Blended (down 33%), and renewed Family Super Challenge (down 30%).

One side note is the remarkable tie between Life Lessons and TAKEN: Phoenix, which each tied with a 1.634615. Additionally, Beneath it All and Looking for Love 15 (fall) were close: 1.62 vs. 1.616.

Beneath it All was the highest rated cancellation and Family Super Challenge was the lowest rated renewal.

In viewership land, things looked pretty similar: a lot of shows on the downward trend, with only two rising (Looking for Love and Virus)

For the first time in a long time, Call Girls has some competition for its most watched YTN series belt, leading CIA Files by about 500,000 viewers. The race between the two should remain interesting next season.

Only four shows were down by more than 20% among total viewers, further indicating that television is skewing much older. Similar to the demo, the drops belonged to Beneath it All (down 35%), Friends of Mine (down 32%), Racially Divided (down 31%), and Blended (down 27%).

The older skew was evidenced no further than the new Sunday night comedy block. While tentpole hours Full Time Mom and Mother & Daughter were each down by ~25% in the demo, they were down only 1% and 10%, respectively, in total viewers.

In either measure, only one show was even year-to-year, and that title belongs to Suburbia. Looking at more than a few digits, the decline is actually 0.02%, but that is as good as even in our books!

At the bottom of the list are two series that previously aired on the YTN streaming service; High Times of Denver and They Are Out There. While at the bottom among total viewers, High Times of Denver cracked the top ten (#10) in the demo race. YTN often cites it as the youngest skewing series on its network, and that is evident here.

TAKEN: Global bit the dust despite a ninth place finish among total viewers and was easily the most-watched cancellation in the last few years for YTN.
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