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Monday, May 15th Ratings - YTN
At 9pm, the third season premiere of Living in Fear scared up 4.26 million viewers and 1.1/3 among adults 18-49, down three tenths from last seasons premiere, but up a tenth from the finale. This is the shows first episode to air without the lead in of Fear Factor and its first original episode in the 9 o'clock hour. Half hour: 1.066/1.101

At 10pm, the fifth season premiere of long-waiting-to-air Serial (the fourth season finale aired in May 2016) returned with 4.85 million viewers and 1.2/3 among adults 18-49, also down three tenths from last seasons premiere (and two tenths from the finale). Given how long the show has been off the air, to come within striking distance of its season four average (1.26) is pretty remarkable. This was also the smallest season premiere-to-season premiere drop in the shows history. Half hour: 1.155/1.150

Tuesday, May 16th Ratings - YTN
At 8pm, the seventh season premiere of The Neighborhood notched 7.21 million viewers and 2.1/6 among adults 18-49, its lowest season premiere ever (previous: 2.5 in season four). This is a show that typically has weird bounces week-to-week, but a slow start could be damaging for YTN's highest rated summer series. Half hour: 2.056/2.212

At 9pm, the series premiere of Miami Medical Examiner debuted to 7.02 million viewers and 1.3/4 among adults 18-49. The series premiere held a very strong percentage of total viewers from its lead in, but skewed much older too. Overall, not a terrible start for the new summer drama. Half hour: 1.381/1.205

At 10pm, the second season premiere of Bloodlines came back with 5.98 million viewers and 1.0/3, down a tenth from last years summer debut and finale. Again, not a terrible return for the show, since it no longer has the advantage of The Neighborhood lead in, too. This does tie the shows series low (set on May 31, 2016 - 5.3 million viewers, 1.0 demo). Half hour: 0.985/0.953

Wednesday, May 17th Ratings - YTN
At 8pm, the series premiere of 30 Seconds to Win stalled out of the gate with 4.27 million viewers and 0.8/3 among adults 18-49. Half hour: 0.784/0.787

At 9pm, the sixth season premiere of Locked, which has been off the air for over a year (May 1, 2016 was its season five finale) scored 3.86 million viewers and 0.7/3 among adults 18-49. The game show is down five tenths from its February 2016 debut, and four tenths from its finale. It also marks a new low for the show, breaking the previous 0.8 low - set two times before (February 28, 2016 and March 27, 2016). Half hour: 0.716/0.682

YTN aired repeats in the 10 o'clock hour.

Thursday, May 18th Ratings - YTN
At 8pm, the fifth season premiere of Extended Family garnered 5.06 million viewers and 1.0/3 among adults 18-49, down a tenth from both its year ago premiere and its season finale. Unrounded: 1.016

At 830pm, a new episode of Raising Teenagers kicked off the second half of season five with 4.81 million viewers and 0.9/3 among adults 18-49, down a tenth from its December mid-season finale, but in line with its season average. Unrounded: 0.859

At 9pm, a new episode of Friends of Mine also returned after a long hiatus with 4.15 million viewers and 1.0/3 among adults 18-49, setting a new series low (previous: 3.85 million / 1.1 demo on December 1, 2016). Unrounded: 1.041

At 930pm, the official series premiere of UpSelling (although technically the third episode to air) totaled 4.47 million viewers and 1.0/3 among adults 18-49, down two tenths from its last sneak preview episode. Unrounded: 1.038

At 10pm, the series premiere of docu-drama Life after Prison launched to 3.72 million viewers and 0.7/3 among adults 18-49. Half hour: 0.734/0.739

Friday May 19th Ratings - YTN
Four episodes of Outdoor Renovation, as follows:
8pm - 1.84 million (0.3 demo) <--- ties series low (August 18, 2016 and September 1, 2016)
830pm - 1.95 million (0.4 demo)
9pm - 1.97 million (0.4 demo)
930pm - 1.92 million (0.4 demo)

At 10pm, episode four of now-cancelled XXX: My Life Story was forgotten about with 1.01 million viewers and 0.3/1 among adults 18-49, down seven tenths from its last new episode on January 30, 2017 (2.7 million / 1.0 demo). Half hour: 0.295/0.271
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