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Default Gen-TV's Emmy Strategy 2017

Gen-TV Reveals Emmy Submissions:
---Network unveils stars and shows competing for Emmy

The 2017 Emmy Award nominations will be revealed in July and if Ross Chin and Alex Montez have their way, Gen-TV series and stars will be among the prestigious nominees. Speaking candidly to Entertainment Tonight on Thursday, Chin said "Seeing our shows win Emmy Awards is a big goal for me as President of Gen-TV." "I want Gen-TV to stand for quality and prestige." "I want Gen-TV to be associated with the very best of television."

Here is the full list of series and performers Gen-TV has submitted for consideration for Emmy nominations, broken down into categories:


Outstanding Comedy Series:

Threesome (Executive Producers: Will Calhoun, Michael Tollin)

Running In Circles (Executive Producers: Mary Allison Moore, David Adams Mills, Caryn Mandell)

Singles (Executive Producers: Keegan-Michael Key, Leigh-Anne Smith)

Into The Wild (Executive Producers: Jeff "Jiffy" Wild; Marcy Carsey, Tom Werner, Caryn Mandabach)

Raising Grandma (Executive Producers: Suzanne De Passe, Madison Jones, Susan Jones)

Sisterly Love (Executive Producers: Bonnie Turner, Terry Turner, Marcy Carsey, Tom Werner)

Molly Says (Executive Producers: Lorne Michaels, Molly Shannon, Robert Carlock)

Selling Out (Executive Producers: Tina Fey, Robert Carlock, Lorne Michaels, Beth McCarthy-Miller, Paula Pell)

Magic School (Executive Producers: Paula Hart, Melissa Joan Hart, Dana Weschler and Jeff Markowitz)

Zendaya (Executive Producers: Mara Brock Akil, Michelle Larkin, Zendaya Coleman)

Making It World (Executive Producers: Quincy Jones, Rashida Jones, Amy Poehler)

The Four of Us (Executive Producers: Rebecca Marshall, Janine Wilson)

Hart of Family (Executive Producers: Thomas Miller, Robert Boyette, Alecia "Pink" Moore, Cary Hart)

Unlikely Family (Executive Producers: Paul Junger Witt, Tony Thomas, Susan Harris)

Desperately Amy (Executive Producers: Amy Schumer, Bridgette Everett, Brooke Posch)

Suddenly Single (Executive Producers: David Smith Master, Iliza Schlesinger, and Rebecca Davidson and Jenji Kohan)

Cooking For Dummies (Executive Producers: Eva Longoria)

Mama Knows Best (Executive Producers: Yvette Lee Bowser, Addy Howard, and Patti Labelle)

Every Other Weekend (Executive Producers: Emily Kapnek, Michael Fresco)

Peretti Rules (Executive Producers: Chelsea Peretti, Jordan Peele and Amy Paradias)

Among the surprise omissions from this list: Gen-TV has opted not to submit the final season of "I Said So" or to submit "Nicki J's World". Also shocking, the inclusion of "Singles" here, when the network canceled that show for "creative problems." "Outside The Lines" also was not submitted in this category.

Outstanding Drama Series:

Law & Order: Hate Crimes (Executive Producers: Dick Wolf, Carol Mendelson, Jonathan Littman)

Law & Order: New York City (Executive Producers: Dick Wolf, Neal Baer and Erica Mancini.)

Deadly Visions (Executive Producers: Stephen Spielberg, Glenn Gordon Carron and Tiffany Jarrod-Abraham)

Mallory's of Jefferson County (Executive Producers: Gabrielle Gifford, John Tramm)

The Malones (Executive Producers: Gabrielle Gifford, John Tramm, Patricia Shephard, Neil Marcus)

Grand Champion (Executive Producers: Stephen Soderberg, Brian Grazer, Ridley Scott, Maxwell Rothchild and Elliot Scott)

Cop City (Executive Producers: David Shore; Sylvester Stallone)

Hollywood Law (Executive Producers: Amelia Kelley, David Angelo Hart)

Law & Order: Immigration (Executive Producers: Dick Wolf, Barbara Mattison, and Antonia Markum)

Justice Steele (Executive Producers: Deborah Joy Levine)

Code of Ethics (Executive Producers: Stephen Bochco, Hillary Swank and Neal Baer)

Sisters (Executive Producers: Amy Lippman, Jennifer Davids-West, Marsha Michaels, Katherine Heigl, Christopher Keyser, Daniel Lippman, Ron Cowen, Monica Firestone)

The Hardest Goodbye (Executive Producers: Francine Maxwell, Ryan Horvath and Desiree Washington)

Love Affair (Executive Producers: Neal Marlens, Carol Black, Kate Walsh)

Trauma Center (Executive Producers: David Aaman, Christy Leigh McPherson)

The Crusader (Executive Producer: Joss Whedon)

The big omissions from this list are District Attorney and Boston Homicide. The biggest surprise inclusion is the extremely poorly received Law & Order: Immigration. A show Ross Chin once called "an embarrassment all the way."



Carey Hart, Hart of Family (Comedy)

Justin Long, Making It Work (Comedy)

Jason Jones, Unlikely Family (Comedy)

Tyler Ritter, The Four of Us (Comedy)

Jason Priestly, Outside The Lines (Comedy)

Mark Consuleos, Sisterly Love (Comedy)

Brandon Routh, Sisterly Love (Comedy)

Tim Reid, Raising Grandma (Comedy)

Ed Helms, Unlikely Family (Comedy)***only appeared in pilot

Penn Gillette, Magic School (Comedy)

Donald Faison, Magic School (Comedy)

Flex Alexander, Zendaya (Comedy)

Chris Parnell, Selling Out (Comedy)

David Walton, Going South (Comedy)

Omari Hardwick, Mama Knows Best (Comedy)

Steve Schirippa, Peretti Rules (Comedy)

Peter Facinelli, Every Other Weekend (Comedy)

Kyle Bornheimer, Every Other Weekend (Comedy)

Nate Corddry, Singles (Comedy)

Nick Zano, Singles (Comedy)

Brett Harrison, Running In Circles (Comedy)

Davie Henrie, Threesome (Comedy)

Justin Berfield, Threesome (Comedy)

Jeff "Jiffy" Wild, Into The Wild (Comedy)

Christopher Meloni, Boston Homicide (Drama)

Harry Hamlin, Hollywood Law (Drama)

Chris Pine, Mallory's of Jefferson County (Drama)

Willian Devane, Mallory's of Jefferson County (Drama)

Tom Skerritt, Mallory's of Jefferson County (Drama)

Perry King, The Malones (Drama)

Matt Czchury, The Malones (Drama)

Daniel Cosgrove, The Malones (Drama)

Benjamin Bratt, Law & Order: NYC (Drama)

Linus Roache, Law & Order: NYC (Drama)

Drew Fuller, Law & Order: Hate Crimes (Drama)

William Fichtner, ColdFront (Drama)

Sylvester Stallone, Cop City (Drama)

Eric Mabius, Cop City (Drama)

Louis Mandylor, Justice Steele (Drama)

Matthew Settle, Deadly Visions (Drama)

DW Moffett, Deadly Visions (Drama)

Eion Bailey, Code of Ethics (Drama)

Bailey Chase, Code of Ethics (Drama)

Chris Diamtopolous, Sisters (Drama)

Nathan Fillion, The Mulroney Mysteries (Drama)

Omar Epps, The Hardest Goodbye (Drama)

Jonathan Schaech, Trauma Center (Drama)

Sean Faris, Trauma Center (Drama)

--Most of the appropriate people are being submitted; with "Mallory's" shockingly only submitting three of its lead actors. The strangest inclusion is Ed Helms who only appeared in the pilot for "Unlikely Family" before being replaced by Jason Jones.


Zendaya Coleman, Zendaya (Comedy)

Rashida Jones, Making It Work (Comedy)

Chelsea Peretti, Peretti Rules (Comedy)

Amy Schumer, Desperately Amy (Comedy)

Iliza Schlessinger, Suddenly Single (Comedy)

Sarah Chalke, Every Other Weekend (Comedy)

Christina Applegate, Every Other Weekend (Comedy)

Elizabeth Berkely, Sisterly Love (Comedy)

Hilarie Burton, Sisterly Love (Comedy)

Brittany Snow, Sisterly Love (Comedy)

Jackee Harry, Raising Grandma (Comedy)

Patti Labelle, Mama Knows Best (Comedy)

Nia Long, Mama Knows Best (Comedy)

Tessa Ferrera, Running In Circles (Comedy)

Tina Fey, Selling Out (Comedy)

Rachel Dratch, Selling Out (Comedy)

Octavia Spencer, Selling Out (Comedy)

Casey Wilson, The Four of Us (Comedy)

Amy Davidson, The Four of Us (Comedy)

Lindsay Sloane, The Four of Us (Comedy)

Eva Mendes, Cooking For Dummies (Comedy)

Eva Longoria, Cooking For Dummies (Comedy)

Maria Conchita-Alonso, Cooking For Dummies (Comedy)

Nicki Minaj, Nicki J's World (Comedy)

Eva La Rue, Unlikely Family (Comedy)

Sascha Alexander, Hart of Family (Comedy)

Jane Sibbett, Magic School (Comedy)

Molly Shannon, Molly Says (Comedy)

Sigourney Weaver, I Said So (Comedy)

Isla Fisher, I Said So (Comedy)

Amber Heard, Going South (Comedy)

Keke Palmer, Keke Fabulous (Comedy)

Sela Ward, Blood Relations (Drama)

Uma Thurman, ColdFront (Drama)

Maura West, Sisters (Drama)

Eileen Davidson, Sisters (Drama)

Jennifer Finnigan, Sisters (Drama)

Paula Devicq, Sisters (Drama)

Charlotte Ross, Sisters (Drama)

Hillary Swank, Code of Ethics (Drama)

Rosanna Arquette, Law & Order: Hate Crimes (Drama)

S.Epatha Merkerson, Law & Order: NYC (Drama)

Kyra Sedgwick, Trauma Center (Drama)

Mackenzie Phillips, Trauma Center (Drama)

Amber Tamblyn, Trauma Center (Drama)

Audra McDonald, Tha Hardest Goodbye (Drama)

Kate Walsh, Love Affair (Drama)

Marilu Henner, Deadly Visions (Drama)

Jayne Atkinson, the Mulroney Mysteries (Drama)

Tatiana Maslany, The Crusader (Drama)

Joan Allen, Intrusion (Drama)

Katherine Higle, Justice Steele (Drama)

Marissa Tomei, Cop City (Drama)

Notes: Supporting Actor & Actress in comedy and drama will be announced by Gen-TV at a later date.
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