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Default Gen-TV Retrospective

Gen-TV's Longest Running Series:
A Look Back At 8 Years of Successes

When Gen-TV Network starts airing its 2017-2018 Fall schedule, it will mark the networks 9th season on the air, and it will mark the landmark 12th season of "Sisters", currently the longest running drama in Gen-TV history; and second overall program. This huge achievement and others like it will be the subject of a brand new documentary airing on Gen-TV Networks this summer. The documentary produced, directed and narrated by Ross Chin, Gen-TV's President takes a look back at over 40 of the network's most successful and longest-running programming. Using a list format, it ranks the series featured on the special, by the length of how long it ran (in terms of seasons; although it also mentions how many episodes each program produced.)

The special is scheduled to air on July 2017 on Gen-TV Network and will be made available to stream on Stream-ME shortly thereafter. Hollywood Now takes a look at the networks longest running programs (as of Fall 2017):

1. Over My Head-- 13 Seasons: Hard to believe, but this zany and at times outright absurd sitcom starring Soliel Moon Frye, Pamela Anderson, Casper Van Dien and a bunch of kids ran for 13 seasons and produced over 300 episodes. This show described at the time of its premiere as "The Nanny meets Just Shoot Me" certainly proved all the critics wrong; reinvigorating the acting careers of its main stars; Soliel Moon Frye (Punky Brewster), Pamela Anderson (Baywatch) and Casper Van Dien (Starship Troopers) and defying the odds to become not only an audience favorite but a critical favorite as well, even eventually earning top awards from Emmy and Golden Globe.

2. Sisters- 12 Seasons: As of Fall 2017, Sisters will enter its 12th and possibly, final season. This fact is no surprise to anybody who has paid attention. Sisters was a smash hit right out of the gate, and at its prime set a new rating record when a 2012 episode of the series garnered the largest single-episode rating ever recorded for a broadcast series; over 58 million viewers. But ratings and critical support, of which it had many were never what made Sisters so important. Sisters most important aspect was its cultural impact. This series hit the zeitgeist like no other series in recent history has; and even had some political impact on the Gay Rights Movement. In October 2012, President Barack Obama mentioned "Sisters" as one of the "most culturally important factors in helping average Americans understand and learn about the transgender community." This is a moment that occurred well before shows like "Transparent" or "Orange Is the New Black" entered the cultural landscape. The series has also done something else miraculous, it has sustained a large and devoted audience for 12 seasons; even with a small ratings dip in seasons 5, 6 and 9. The series was able to recover from those drops and still continually racks up demos of over 5.2 weekly.

3. Detective Mom- 8 Seasons: This unlikely comedy continued to defy all odds as it ran for 8 critical acclaimed seasons and improved its performance in demos every season. In fact, this comedy about a single mom turned private detective only got canceled due to economic factors at Gen-TV Studios; and its cancellation was called by a Gen-TV Executive "The most painful decision we've ever had to make." The series, however, continues to get the last laugh, raking in millions in syndication dollars every day and ranking as one of the top 10 most watched syndicated sitcoms on TV.

4. Interviews with Sandra Bernhardt/Interviews Starring John Fugelsang- 8 Seasons: If Gen-TV's success stories prove anything it is that sometimes unlikely concepts become big hits. Such is the case with this long-running reality series, which defied every known convention of TV and became a big fat reality TV hit. The premise of this show is pretty simple, an interview series featuring comedian and actress Sandra Bernhardt asking outrageous, hard hitting and oftentimes invasive questions of celebrities, while also presenting an in-depth profile on that subject. The simple concept worked and quickly became a signature series for Gen-TV. So much so, it is still airing in syndicated reruns throughout the country. This series would probably still be airing were it not for a contract snag between Bernhardt and Gen-TV that caused the comedian to exit the series. She was replaced by John Fugelsang who changed the format of the show to be more politically inclined, and that incarnation which aired live lasted only a short time.

5. Critically Speaking with Joe Levy/Critically Speaking Starring John Fugelsang- 7 Seasons: This very unconventional reality series broke every barrier and created a brand new way to present a biographical series about musicians. It featured two distinct parts: the first half, an interview segment similar to "Inside The Actors Studio" in which Levy, a former editor for "Rolling Stone" presents a biographical interview with the subject. The second half, in which a panel of musical experts (and sometimes fans) asks the subject questions about their career and discusses the historical impact of that artist. This frank, honest and passionate series became a surprise hit out of the gate and racked up 7 consecutive Emmy nominations for "Outstanding Reality Series-Structured"; winning three. Even the final season and a half with John Fugelsang earned critical support.

Those were Gen-TV's six most successful programs ever, and under them are a group of series that ran for 5-6 seasons each. Those programs which include "Doctor/Patient", "The Arrival", "One Of These Days", "This Time Around" and "Boyfriends" will be profiled in full during the televised special.
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