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Originally Posted by factsoflife
Gen-TV's Ratings Report:

Tuesday, April 11- Saturday, April 22, 2017:

Tuesday, April 11:

Gen-TV had a strong night on Tuesday, with "Making It Work" increasing in demos by nearly 15% and "Ask Alyssa" growing in all measurements. "Peretti Rules" retained most of its audience and "Sisterly Love" only decreased a minor amount in demos. The one let-down was that "Places We Go" lost a significant portion of its audience in both demos and total viewers.

8pm: Making It Work (New): 14.3 million/4.9 18-49

830: Peretti Rules (New): 7.1 million/4.6 18-49

9: Every Other Weekend (New): 12.5 million/5.2 18-49

930: Sisterly Love (New): 25.4 million/9.5 18-49

10: Ask Alyssa (New): 10.5 million/5.3 18-49

11: Places We Go (New): 11.4 million/5.3 18-49

Wednesday, April 12:

Gen-TV's comedies "Unlikely Family", "Running In Circles" and "Selling Out" were all home-runs this week, retaining the majority of its audience, and in the case of "Selling Out", growing ever so slightly in demos. Meanwhile, "Desperately Amy", filling in for the cancelled "The Heist" netted a better return with 1.23 million viewers and a .94 in demos. Still, not enough to prevent Gen-TV from losing the half-hour. "Boston Homicide" continues to collapse, all but officially sealing the fate of a once highly performing series. "Cop City" continued to perform above expectations and grew in demos.

8pm: Unlikely Family (New): 35.2 million/6.5 18-49

830: Running In Circles (New): 14.83 million/4.1 18-49

9: Selling Out (New): 40.48 million/14.8 18-49

930: Desperately Amy (New): 1.2 million/.94 18-49

10: Boston Homicide (New): 7.5 million/2.1 18-49

11: Cop City (New): 26.4 million/4.9 18-49

Thursday, April 13:

Gen-TV seems to have a recurring theme going; as Thursday comedies "Raising Grandma", "Mama Knows Best" and "Cooking For Dummies" all performed to expectations while drama "The Malones" was all but nonexistent. "The Mallory's of Jefferson County" of course outperformed every other show on TV. Meanwhile, "Nicki J's World" rebounded somewhat from last week's 40% loss and netted a 7.4/3.6 in demos.

8pm: Raising Grandma (New): 24.2 million/6.9 18-49

830: Mama Knows Best (New): 25.5 million/9.2 18-49

9pm: Nicki J's World (New): 7.4 million/3.6 18-49

930: Cooking For Dummies (New): 13 million/3.5 18-49

10: The Mallory's of Jefferson County (New): 73.5 million/12.2 18-49

11: The Malones (New): 4.0 million/1.3 18-49

Friday, April 14:

Friday night continues to be a solid performer for Gen-TV, with every series, except "ColdFront" retaining its audience from last week. "The Mulroney Mysteries" and "Deadly Visions" continue to grow each week.

8pm: The Mulroney Mysteries (New): 39.5 million/9.3 18-49

9pm: Deadly Visions (New): 39.4 million/7.1 18-49

10: ColdFront (New; Final Episodes!): 9.3 million/4.5 18-49

11: Soapless: Life After Daytime (New): 15.3 million/5.2 18-49

Saturday, April 15:

Once again, Saturday was a success with "Sisters" and "Code of Ethics" performing on-par with last week. The much anticipated TV movie "Fugitive Recovery: At Arm's Length" debuted to stellar reviews and fantastic ratings, netting 23.9 million viewers and a 8.3 in demos.

8pm: Sisters (New): 26.9 million/8.3 18-49

9pm: Code of Ethics (New): 24.2 million/6.8 18-49

10: Gen-TV Original Movie:

"Fugitive Recovery: At Arm's Length": 23.9 million/8.3 18-49

11: Law & Order: New York City (Rerun): Ratings Not Available

Sunday, April 16:

It was much of the same on Sunday; with "Food Showdown" and "The Bidding War" delivering the goods and "Intrusion" being ignored by viewers. "Food Showdown" had it's largest showing of the season.

8pm: Food Showdown (New): 25.6 million/7.4 18-49

9pm: Threesome (New): 9.6 million/5.3 18-49

930: Threesome (Rerun): Ratings Not Available

10: The Bidding War (New): 19.4 million/8.3 18-49

11: Intrusion (New): 3.8 million/.97 18-49

Monday, April 17:

Not much to report here, "Magic School" squeaks ahead of "Zendaya" yet again in demos and "Trauma Center" grows over last week in Female Viewers 18-25. "Hart of Family" remains on-par with previous airings. "Blood Relations" well, it aired.

8pm: Magic School (New): 22.8 million/8.8 18-49

830: Zendaya (New): 23.2 million/7.9 18-49

9: Hart of Family (New): 15.8 million/7.7 18-49

930: Outside The Lines (New): 11.8 million/4.4 1 8-49

10: Trauma Center (New): 19.4 million/4.3 18-49

11: Blood Relations (New): 5.3 million/1.3 18-49

Tuesday, April 18-Saturday, April 22:

Gen-TV aired only reruns on these nights and ratings will not be published.

Gen-TV Ratings Report:

Sunday, April 23- Sunday, April 30, 2017:

Sunday, April 23:

Gen-TV aired an altered version of their schedule; pulling cancelled drama "Intrusion" off the air with three episodes left to air. It is unknown if those episodes will air at all. Ratings were steady overall, with "Food Showdown" showing a slight increase in demos.

8pm: Food Showdown (New): 25.2 million/8.3 18-49

9pm: Threesome (New): 9.7 million/5.3 18-49

930: Threesome (Rerun): Ratings Not Available

10: The Bidding War (New): 20.3 million/8.7 18-49

11: The Bidding War (Rerun): Ratings Not Available

Monday, April 24:

Gen-TV Monday was another winner, with "Zendaya" pulling ahead of "Magic School" for the first time since the fall and "Outside The Lines" showing signs of life in demos. The "Blood Relations" series finale was watched by almost nobody however, a disappointing end to a once promising series.

8pm: Magic School (New): 19.3 million/7.5 18-49

830: Zendaya (New): 28.8 million/8.3 18-49

9: Hart of Family (New): 11.2 million/6.5 18-49

930: Outside The Lines (New): 12.8 million/5.3 1 8-49

10: Trauma Center (New): 20.3 million/4.6 18-49

11: Blood Relations (New; Series Finale): 6.4 million/2.9 18-49

Tuesday, April 25:

Not much to report on Gen-TV's Tuesday line-up which was fairly steady. "Places We Go" and "Sisterly Love" were the only series to decrease in demos over last week.

8pm: Making It Work (New): 14.8 million/5.3 18-49

830: Peretti Rules (New): 12.4 million/5.4 18-49

9: Every Other Weekend (New): 13.8 million/5.8 18-49

930: Sisterly Love (New): 13.8 million/5.5 18-49

10: Ask Alyssa (New): 9.5 million/4.2 18-49

11: Places We Go (New): 9.1 million/3.1 18-49


Wednesday, April 26:

"Selling Out" posts its first decrease of the season, dropping .25% in demos and "Desperately Amy" suddenly capitalizes on its lead-in, growing to an almost respectable demo. Meanwhile, "Cop City" continues to outperform "Boston Homicide" and the latter actually lost more than 75% of its audience from last week (in demos).

8pm: Unlikely Family (New): 20.2 million/4.8 18-49

830: Running In Circles (New): 12.1 million/3.3 18-49

9: Selling Out (New): 39.5 million/14.7 18-49

930: Desperately Amy (New): 4.4 million/2.8 18-49

10: Boston Homicide (New): 4.2 million/0.52 18-49

11: Cop City (New): 35.6 million/6.6 18-49

Thursday, April 27:

With the exception of "The Malones", all series were steady over last week.

8pm: Raising Grandma (New): 23.3 million/6.8 18-49

830: Mama Knows Best (New): 23.4 million/9.1 18-49

9pm: Nicki J's World (New): 7.2 million/3.2 18-49

930: Cooking For Dummies (New): 13.4 million/3.4 18-49

10: The Mallory's of Jefferson County (New): 74.4 million/12.5 18-49

11: The Malones (New): 2.1 million/.90 18-49

Friday, April 28:

"Soapless: Life After Daytime" is working overtime to earn a season 2 renewal and it looks likely with ratings like this, which grew exponentially week to week. Friday was a strong night with "Mulroney Mysteries" surging upwards and posting demos over a 10.3! The under publicized series finale of "ColdFront" was more successful than "Blood Relations" earlier in the week, but still a letdown.

8pm: The Mulroney Mysteries (New): 29.5 million/10.5 18-49

9pm: Deadly Visions (New): 40.1 million/8.4 18-49

10: ColdFront (New; Series Finale!): 12.3 million/5.2 18-49

11: Soapless: Life After Daytime (New): 18.3 million/6.7 18-49

Saturday, April 29:

Following its cancellation announcement "Code of Ethics" leaps upwards to garner of 44 million viewers; and a 7.4 in demos. Movie "Second Marriage" was seen by 22% less viewers than watched "Fugitive Recovery: At Arms Length", but was still successul.

8pm: Sisters (New): 14.1 million/6.4 18-49

9pm: Code of Ethics (New): 44.1 million/7.4 18-49

10: Gen-TV Original Movie:

"Second Marriage": 18.64 million/5.4 18-49

11: Law & Order: New York City (Rerun): Ratings Not Available


Sunday, April 30:

It was a "Food Showdown" marathon on Sunday with only reruns of "Food Showdown" airing. Ratings will not be published.
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