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Default Gen-TV UpFronts 2017-Primetime Schedule

Gen-TV Networks
Fall 2017 Schedule
Gen-TV Network

Gen-TV Network has formally announced it’s Fall 2017-2018 schedule, and the new line-up includes a number of high profile changes and risky moves.

Among the bold moves the network has in store is moving smash hit children’s series “Magic School” and “Zendaya” out of their Monday night timeslots and into a Sunday night timeslot. Moving TV’s #1 rated drama “The Mallory’s of Jefferson County” from Thursdays to Wednesdays, and benching returning dramas “Sisters” and “Boston Homicide” until mid-season.

In addition to returning series, the network has ordered seventeen new series for fall, and has an additional five on hold for mid-season. The new series are comprised of six comedies and sixteen dramas. There is also one reality program as well. Among the highlights of the new series are Nick Cannon in a new family comedy “Homecourt Advantage”, “Jack of All Trades”, a spin-off of “Deadly Visions” starring Stephen Weber and, six-week mini-series, “American Citizen”, a timely political drama about a revered and highly respected Iranian-American actress who finds herself facing her worst nightmare; being accused of terrorism and denied entry back into the US. Yasmine Al Massari (Quantico) will star as Alena, the actress; and Academy Award Nominee Shohreh Aghdashloo will play Amari, her mother and a respected attorney trying to get her back into the country, only to face her own legal issues as well.

Gen-TV's President Ross Chin presented this schedule to advertisers along with Vice President Alex Montez and Cain Wentworth, the chairperson of Gen-TV's Board of Directors. The lavish presentation was held at New York's Regency Plaza Hotel and was simulcast live to Los Angeles at a crowded reception at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. The presentation was co-hosted by Patti Labelle (Mama Knows Best) and Justin Long (Making It Work).

Here is Gen-TV's Entire Fall 2017-2018 Fall Schedule:


NOTES: On Monday nights, Gen-TV is using established hit “Hart of Family” to lead-off a night of programming. At 830, Nick Cannon stars as a retired basketball player suddenly responsible for raising three teenagers after his sister dies, in the new comedy “Homecourt Advantage”. In the 9pm hour, we have new comedy “Say Uncle” starring John Stamos and returning favorite “Threesome” leading into edgy new dramedy “Highly Functioning Adults” starring Riz Ahmed and Lena Dunham. At 10pm, new legal dramedy “Malpractice” closes out the night.

8pm: Hart of Family (New Earlier Time!)
830: Homecourt Advantage (New Series)
9pm: Say Uncle! (New Series)
930: Threesome
10pm: Highly Functioning Adults (New Series)
11pm: Malpractice (New Series)


NOTES: Tuesdays night on Gen-TV starts off with family comedies “The Special Classroom” and “Fish Out of Water”, both aimed at the youngest viewers in a family; followed at 9pm by new children’s space drama “Spaced Out”, about kids at space camp. At 10pm, older kids and parents will enjoy “Deadly Visions” and at 11pm, returning favorite “Cop City” closes out the night.

8pm: The Special Classroom (New Series)
830: Fish Out Of Water (New Series)
9pm: Spaced Out (New Series)
10: Deadly Visions (New Night & Time)
11pm: Cop City (New Night)


NOTES: Established comedies lead off an all-new Gen-TV Wednesday. At 8pm, “Making It Work” moves to Wednesday followed by “Running In Circles” and “Sisterly Love.” At 930, returning comedy “Every Other Weekend” is followed by TV’s #1 Drama “The Mallory’s of Jefferson County”, on a new night, followed at 11pm by red-hot new drama “Degree of Guilt.”

8pm: Making It Work (Now on Wednesday!)
830: Running In Circles
9pm: Sisterly Love
930: Every Other Weekend
10: The Mallory’s of Jefferson County (New Timeslot)
11pm: Degree of Guilt (New Series)


NOTES: Gen-TV is pulling out the big-guns for it’s Thursday night lineup. At 8pm, returning comedies “Raising Grandma” and “Mama Knows Best” lead into new comedy “The Boss Lady” starring Kristen Wiig and returning comedy “Selling Out” with Tina Fey and Rachel Dratch. At 10pm, a brand new mini-series “American Citizen” leads into the second season of “The Plain Land Murders.”

8pm: Raising Grandma
830: Mama Knows Best
9: The Boss Lady (New Series)
930: Selling Out
10pm: American Citizen (New Series)
11pm: The Plain Land Murders (New Season!)


NOTES: Gen-TV does what it can with Friday nights. At 8pm, inexplicably renewed comedy “Outside The Lines” leads into a new comedy “Limited Edition” followed by “The Mulroney Mysteries” at 9pm, new drama “Call & Response” about EMT’s at 10 and new police corruption drama “Excessive Force” at 11pm.

8pm: Outside The Lines
830: Limited Edition (New Series)
9pm: The Mulroney Mysteries
10pm: Call & Response (New Series)
11pm: Excessive Force (New Series)


NOTES: At 8pm, Gen-TV presents a inspirational new drama “Your Last Wish” which follows staff members of a non-profit as they grant wishes to adults with a terminal illness. At 9pm, new reality series “Celebrity Road Trip Adventures” features celebrities paired together for a one-week road trip where they travel across country and compete to win money for charity. At 10pm, new drama “The Witches of West Side” lead into new drama “Jack of All Trades.”

8pm: Your Last Wish (New Series)
9pm: Celebrity Road Trip Adventures (New Series)
10: The Witches of West Side (New Series)
11: Jack of All Trades (New Series)


NOTES: Gen-TV’s displaces “Magic School” and “Zendaya” to Sunday nights where they lead off the night, at 9pm, “Unlikely Family” leads into new comedy “Awakened”, about a woman who wakes up from a coma after 20-years. At 10pm, new stock market soap opera “Shortage” leads into a new steamy nighttime soap “Bedrooom Stories.”

8pm: Magic School
830: Zendaya
9pm: Unlikely Family (New Night & Time)
930: Awakened (New Series)
10: Shortage (New Series)
11pm: Bedroom Stories (New Series)

Alternate Series/Mid-Season:

On-Tap for mid-season is season twelve of "Sisters", which may or may not be the final season. The second season of "Boston Homicide", which sources say will be retooled as ratings have been slipping. Returning reality series "Food Showdown" and "The Bidding War" will return and four new dramas wait for their chance to join the schedule. "The High Life", is an upscale prestige drama set in the world of a pharmaceutical company; "The Sum of Our Parts" is a teen drama about a gay teen who comes out to his conservative parents, "Taking Shelter" is a romantic drama about two men who fall in love after enduring personal tragedies and "Pretty Big Lies" is a prestige mini-series following several housewives embroiled in scandal after one of them is murdered.

Sisters (Season Twelve)
Boston Homicide (Season Two)
The Bidding War ( Season Five)
Food Showdown (Season Four)
The High Life (Season One)
The Sum of Our Parts (Season One)
Taking Shelter (Season One)
Pretty Big Lies (Season One)

Molly Says
Suddenly Single
Into The Wild
I Said So
Security: Las Vegas
Going South
Keke Fabulous
Grand Champion
Law & Order: Immigration
Desperately Amy
Arranged Marriage (before it ever aired)
Justice Steele
Man Seeking Man
Gen-TV Presents: Live from Las Vegas
The Four of Us
District Attorney
Alien Brides of Main Street
Cook Vs. Cook: Celebrity Edition
Remixed: America’s Singing Competition
Blood Relations
The Badge: Atlanta (cancelled before ever airing)
Bizarre Jobs
The Malones
The Heist
Code of Ethics
Nicki J’s World
Peretti Rules
Gen-TV Original Movies
Places We Go

Moved To Stream-ME:
Cooking For Dummies
Law & Order: Hate Crimes
Law & Order: New York City
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