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Originally Posted by kolson82
So, I pay for MLB TV every year. I'm Seattle Mariners fan. I live in Oregon, so I'm not allowed to stream Mariners games because of blackout rules. I use a VPN to trick MLB into thinking my computer is really from the East Coast or wherever. Now I get to watch Mariners games that I've paid for.

How is this unethical?
I feel your pain. I paid for the NFL overseas package at the end of the year only to see certain games blacked out but was able to watch them on skytv in the UK. Essentially I started paying double so I got my money back from the NFL by complaining to them and it surprised me that they refunded my NFL account. They must really care about their U.K. Audience. But that's bulsh that you have to pay two separate accounts to ensure watching all of the games. They do the same thing for English football here you have to subscribe double networks and that's just to see the big matches not necessarily your favorite team.

Blackout rules are dumb especially when you are paying extra to view. In the case of amazon I don't see how having a USA account in a foreign is a fraud. I have a USA App Store on my iPhone which is allows me to link and stream with a USA amazon account even though I do not live in the USA. I keep my USA amazon account because their are certain items I can still order from the USA. Obviously I am American so it benefits me to have it. But I do have a U.K. Amazon account as well. Could one not just buy a USA apple gift card or amazon gift and download the USA account going through all of the legitimate avenues?
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