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Originally Posted by LooksLikeCRicci
I believe when you purchase something via Amazon, it is downloaded to your device (your smartphone, Kindle, etc.) and takes up memory space on the device.

Amazon will allow you to view it on multiple devices, though. For example, if you bought the episode on your phone and then purchased a computer, you could connect to Amazon and download the episode for viewing on your computer.
It doesn't have to be downloaded to your device although it can be. You can stream it directly without having it downloaded to your device's memory, but that uses up data if you're doing it on your phone (unless you're connected to wifi).

To answer some of the questions from above.

Yes, if you buy the episode through Amazon you can only view it through Amazon's website or an Amazon app on a supported device. Supported devices include your computer, phone, or tablet. There are also streaming devices for your TV such as a Roku box or the Amazon provided Fire TV. These are devices the bring video streaming apps directly to your television set.

Buying episodes through Amazon and watching them does not usually require a Prime membership and viewing them on the app shouldn't either.
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