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Originally Posted by jehobden
I don't remember the music change, but it was common back then to put reruns of a currently-running show under a slightly different name. The Andy Griffith Show ran as Andy of Mayberry in CBS Daytime, and The Dick Van Dyke Show became The Dick Van Dyke Daytime Show there as well. Also Laverne & Shirley was syndicated as Laverne & Shirley & Company while it was still in prime-time.

I think that this practice came to an end around the late 1970s, as M*A*S*H was syndicated under its own name after 7 seasons in prime-time (It ran 11 seasons overall.), and then shows like The Cosby Show went into syndication after only 4 seasons under its original name, leading other sitcoms to do that going forward.
Maybe they thought people would get confused and think that the daily reruns were new shows?

Kind of silly, because ABC aired daily morning reruns of Happy Days from the third through the sixth seasons under it's original name while new shows were being aired in prime-time.

Same for All In The Family over at CBS.

I remember being excited that Happy Days was going to be on every weekday, but confused when I saw the opening credits.


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