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Originally Posted by plaidman76
Some others that I believe were dead after 1 episode

Manchester Prep - 1997 (Fox)
Roxie - 1987 (CBS)
Take Five - 1987 (CBS)

I also have the pilot for a half hour Sitcom called TLC that aired in the early 80' didn't make it past the pilot.

Then of course you have Pilots that aired as movies that were supposed to become regular series but didn't, 2 horrible ones that come to mind are Tag Team (Roddy Piper and Jessie Ventura are ex wrestlers turned cops....) and Poochinski (look it up...I can't believe someone gave this show the green light)
I have both these shows, and wow, are they ever bad.)

Lots of shows canned after 2 episodes too....Wonderland (2000 - ABC), Wind on Water (1998 NBC), My Guys (1996 CBS), Men (1989 ABC), Imagine That (2002 NBC), Danny (2001 CBS), Girls Club (2002 Fox), Prince Street (1997 NBC) and a bunch more....
Take Five actually lasted 2 episodes. Also, Manchester Prep never aired, and Men lasted 5 episodes.

More shows that went 2 and out: We Are Men (CBS 2013), The Mike O'Malley Show (NBC 1999), Head Cases (Fox 2005), Apple Pie (ABC 1978), That Was Then (ABC 2002), The Paul Reiser Show (NBC 2011), Lone Star (Fox 2010), My Generation (ABC 2010), Ryan Caulfield: Year One (Fox 1999), Love and Marriage (Fox 1996), Sleepwalkers (NBC 1997), Sammy (NBC 2000), Work It (ABC 2012), Charlie Lawrence (CBS 2002), As If (UPN 2002), Viva Laughlin (CBS 2007), and I'm sure there were many, many more.

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