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Default "HANK"....

...created by Garry Marshall & Jerry Belson (inbetween their writing assignments for "THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW" and "THE LUCY SHOW") for Warner Bros. Television, lasted 26 episodes, including the black and white pilot. It was primarily sponsored by A.T.&T.'s "Bell System" {"YOUR TELEPHONE COMPANY"** on NBC"s Friday night schedule [8pm(et), right after "CAMP RUNAMUCK"], and they used to place small ads on the TV pages of various local newspapers every week [including my local paper, the LONG BRANCH DAILY RECORD], advising readers to enjoy the show on Friday nights, declaring, "It's chuckle-full entertainment for family viewing". Not enough families tuned in for them to renew their sponsorship, however, and the series was cancelled after one season {how'd YOU like to appear opposite the first black and white season of "THE WILD WILD WEST"?**. And no less than Johnny Mercer and Frank Perkins wrote the theme song!

Note: scenes from the third episode, "Dunsetter For President" [10/1/65], appeared in the 1965-'66 NBC Fall Preview special, "A Secret Agent's Dilemma" (featuring Don Adams as "Maxwell Smart"). That's on YouTube, so it's worth looking into.

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