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Originally Posted by Little Mel
After reading the article again, I'm actually starting to doubt the validity of it for three reasons. First, because if what she supposedly said were really true, I have a hard time believing that it would have taken this long to come out. You'd think that one of the cast members would have spoken up sooner. Secondly, as others have said, I've never heard Roseanne say anything but good things about John in the past, so why would she suddenly be saying this? And thirdly, I agree with your point Sonny, where are the reliable sources?? I haven't seen any yet, and until I do, I am just going to assume this article is fake.
Plus that first line says that people wanted to fire her and that Laurie didn't want to be on the show if she was fired. Who would have fired her? It was her show and the series was built around her. Either she's completely nuts or that article is a lie. I want to see some proof.
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