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Originally Posted by coffield3
Actor JOHN GOODMAN has opened up about his 30-year alcoholism battle, admitting, at his lowest point, hangovers were a "luxury".
The former Roseanne star revealed all about his past booze issues during a Friday night TV appearance on The Late Show in America to promote his new play Waiting For Godot.
He recalled he was "toasted pretty good" during a past appearance on the programme - when he agreed to dive into a New York City fountain fully clothed. The decade-old clip was shown, prompting the actor to quip, "Thank God it was before the," referencing the online network which hosts embarrassing clips of stars.
Calling his sobriety "one of the best things that ever happened," the newly-bald Goodman recalled the fountain incident, telling host David Letterman, "I almost got arrested; I was real belligerent."
At the height of his booze battle, Goodman recalled, "Hangovers, they were a luxury... I'd get the DTs (shakes). It was bad. I sweat less now."
Asked if he was truly an alcoholic, the actor stated, "I was to the point of alcoholism 30-35 years ago!

So glad he is doing better!!
Here's the video of John Goodman's admission on David Letterman's show, for anyone who's interested.
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