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Default Re: spinoffs that never happened!

Originally posted by briandamage
There have been proposed spinoffs for many shows. The following are spinoffs that were planned or had one pilot but never materialized after that. Which ones would you have loved to have seen get a chance? If you know of any others please let me know.

1. Jackie(jackee')- the spinoff from the sitcom 227, starring Jackie from Sister, Sister fame.

2. Nick - the spinoff from Family Ties, starring Nick the boyfriend of Mallory. The premise is he moves to NY with his sister.

3. The Facts of Life actually had 3 spinoffs planned and nothing really materialized.
a.) a spinoff featuring Jo's cousins
b.) a spinoff where Natalie moves to NY to become a writer
c.) a spinoff where Blair buys Eastland school and becomes headmaster. That spinoff had Seth Green, Juliet Lewis and the future star of Blossom( I forget her name)

I know there were several others, however, I can't think of them off the top of my head.
Now that's news-i never that Jackee was a possible spinoff from 227
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