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Talking Little old Lady Judith Lowry?

The neighbor was great, he was an anti-communist, and the little old lady that was in his group.
Did you see a movie produced by Norman Lear called "Cold Turkey" about people trying to quit smoking? Starring Dick van Dyke and Pippa Scott. and many actors from Norman Lear's TV shows, and other TV favs--Jean Stapleton, Tom Poston, Barnard Hughs, ...
I loved the movie! At the time, I was amazed to hear the word "bull****!" from the little old lady "Oldie Truman" ( played by the woman who played the grandma on the "Phyllis" show ( spin-off of Cloris Leachman's character on Mary Tyler Moore ). In one scene, she points a gun at one fellow, saying "I think he looks like a Communist!" ( in fact, he was the villain --an employee, maybe a PR of the Tobacco company who was putting up the money for the prize for the first town that could quit smoking --the town of Eagle Rock did so well, that this fellow sneaked in, with a lot of cigarettes to tempt the townsfolk. )

The old lady was dressed the same as the cartoon character, only her male cohort was the fellow who played Charlie Haggars on Mary Hartman, Graham Jarvis.
Judith Lowry was the woman's name. I think she must have provided the voice for the cartoon character. I couldn't find it on the imbd site.

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Jack Burns' character referred to the group as "my vigilante group."
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