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Ellroy has been pretty weird lately (addiction?.I'm just askin not accusin) when UM profiled his story he seemed likeable. Now he's telling people to refer to him as "MR ELLROY".. I'm all for formality in today's day and age but after awhile that gets pretensious. I wonder if the deliberation and focus on his mother's brutal death (especially the admission of bizzare feelings, or misunderstanding of the mother son relationship on his part)the last several years has not adversely affected him (as it would anyone) rather than trying to celebrate the positives her life had to offer. I'm not saying it was 50 years ago get over it (you don't get OVER the loss of any loved one violent or not) but I do want to encourage him to get help so he can deal with his grief while still trying to find the killer. Although, Ellroy himself says there is NO chance the real killer can be found because most of the suspects are dead and the police have lost all of the evidence of the case.

That said add me to the Court TV is slowly turning to crap (even the cases they've done during the days are boring I couldn't watch that Cape Cod one it was such a yawner). Psychic Pet Detectives and Dale Hinnman have a place.. once a week for the half hour they should be shown, but I can't stand when they are on all night or all weekend. Cops I suppose althougth Court TV seems to have the crappiest Cops episodes, but some of these new cop shows (SWAT) are stupid.
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