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Thumbs up Some more great traders!

Here are a few more people I would like to mention as good traders:

Rob Taus (Lamont)
Scott Vogt (staypuftman2004)
Eric Peyton (falconboy122003)
Mick Foley (damaddcolombian)
Samuel Jimenez (greenlantern88)

All of these were great! Thanks so much for these great discs.

I want to thank Rob for hooking me up with Blondie and Grizzly Adams. I have been looking for these and finally got them. He also sent me a few extra discs of some cartoons that I did not ask for. As some of you know I love cartoons. LOL

I am still looking for some more Grizzly Adams, Small Wonder, some FOL and My Two Dads just to name a few. I just updated my website so check it out.

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