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Originally Posted by JOEY1727
This guy looks like a serial scammer."

Yeah, no kidding. This, ladies 'n gentlemen, is the infamous Brazilian scammer. He goes by dozens of phoney names, but it's the same guy, always from Brazil -- used to go by the moniker hardheavydvds. He's been ripping people off for at least 10 years that I know of.

His current phoney names are: PSMS STUDIOS and perrisstudios.

Rules of thumb to identify scammers:

"No small trades." Require the guy to do a small trade for 1 or 2 DVDs to check hi/r quality. If they refuse, SCAMMER. I've been trading for 26 years, and I'll always do a small 1 or 2 disc trade at first to let you check my video quality.

"I won't send first." Require the guy to send 1 DVD first. If they refuse, SCAMMER.

"I've got ridiculously rare stuff." If the guy claims to have all sorts of stuff nobody else has on DVD or VHS, like HOT L BALTIMORE *and* the lost episodes of Amos And Andy *and* all 32 episodes of My Living Doll *and* the complete run of Finder Of Lost Loves *and* the complete run of The Conspiracy Zone, SCAMMER.

"My references all have similar weird e-mail return addresses." Saw a scammer recently who gave a bunch of references that all turned out to be names of guitars -- Strat76, Fender87, etc. With some packet-sniffing, it turned out all the "references" were phoney sock-puppet aliases for the scammer himself.

"My last e-mail was from canada but this e-mail is from Brazil because [complicated and incoherent explanation]." If a guy e-mailing you to do a trade constantly switches e-mail addresses, especially among different countries, SCAMMER.

"You have to send me a Western Union money order." SCAMMER
some good points, but i have exceptions to the points

i found a couple trade sources that have stupid amounts of great and rare stuff, that no one else has

neither is a scammer, just very private and selective

there are people that think i have too much stuff to be legit

as far as sending first, i will no longer do that under any situation--if i dont know or know of the trader

small trades, i will not do that either, it costs the same amount of postage for me to ship 2 discs as it does to ship 60, i go priority and del con on each one. a two disc trade just isnt worth it,

yes i will drop the occasional sample into a regular trade if there is a question on the quality

the western union is a absolute red flag, if you purchase --use paypal, and if possible buy the extra insurance from paypal, it will save you in the long run
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