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Henry Winkler alludes to not getting along with Tom Hanks while filming Turner & Hooch

It's been rumored since 1989 that Winkler and Hanks don't get along

Gary came in and asked if Henry was fired from the movie Turner and Hooch. Henry said he was. He was the director and he was fired 13 days in. Gary asked if it had to do with Tom Hanks. Henry said he was asked to leave the movie after 13 days. Howard asked if he hates Tom Hanks. Henry said no. Howard asked if he thought the movie Turner and Hooch was a good movie. Henry said he doesn't think he ever saw it. Henry said he was very sad that they let him go. He said they only said that ''it was not on the screen.'' He said that's all they told him. He said that they never told him that Tom said anything. He said they still had to pay him for the movie but no amount of money can help in a situation like that. Henry said he called his wife and it was hard to speak language to her. Howard asked if he thought everyone knew he was fired from the movie. Henry said it felt like he was wearing a sign on his back. Henry said it's very rough on you. He said you fear that you will never work again. Henry said that comes with just about everything.

Howard asked who replaced him on Turner and Hooch. Henry said it was an English guy. He said that he likes Tom Hanks and that's not the guy he's talking about. Howard asked if he likes Tom. Henry said he does. He said he loved the dog though.

For years I have been telling you that the permanent A list mostly movie actor with multiple Oscar nominations/wins and another on the way is not the person you see portrayed in his carefully crafted image. Some of that came out this week via a former back in the day A+ list actor. Tom Hanks/Henry Winkler ("Turner & Hooch") (Henry Winkler has been feuding with Tom Hanks since 1989)

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