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Originally Posted by mtaylor72 View Post
I agree with everything you've said, Kane.

People need to keep in mind that UM is not a sitcom or a work of fiction. It makes logical sense that it be aired on a broadcast network just like it was back in its glory days in order to gain more exposure to help solve cases. Especially if these cases are going to be new. Broadcast TV is free; Netflix isn't (unless it's included free as part of your cellular or cable subscription). Free means more viewers. It's just common sense.
Thank you, Mtaylor72. If it were a scripted series (action, sitcom, or drama) being produced exclusively for a streamlining service, that would be another story. If a canceled network TV series were producing new episodes for a streamlining service (a la NBC's Community), especially for the purpose of producing enough episodes to make the show eligible for daily second-run syndication, then I could live with that. But as you clearly understand, UM isn't just any TV series. It's a TV series that profiles cases for viewers to help solve. By limiting the show to first-run streamlining, it limits the amount of viewership to people with streamlining subscriptions and risk limiting the amount of success they could potentially get in solving cases. Even in the age of streamlining services, there will always be a need for broadcast (or "over the air") television. Like you said, it's common sense. So much so that rejecting it would be foolish.
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