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Originally Posted by DALLASTEXAN!! View Post
I think the one episode format can be successful. Like it or not the old format did not last the test of time in regards to gaining and keeping viewers. there were too many poor quality segments and in turn the show did not age well. Viewers like myself and many others obviously remained loyal, but even the loyal viewers have all complained about this on here. I think taking one good story and making it high quality is important. In some ways UM were already doing this with their final appeal format as Labonte18 mentioned. I also look back at some of the 20-30 minute segments like Audrey Moate, Rudolph Hess, Huey Long etc. those were high quality and went into more depth than the shorter ones. I enjoy those.
True. The large volume of segments led to content fatigue and segments about gorillas and boy geniuses.

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