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Originally Posted by TheCars1986 View Post
At the time that the segment was filmed, David was still missing, so naturally his family had hoped he had gone off on a "vision quest" and was still alive. I don't fault UM for playing up the "New Age" angle in the segment. The segment says David attacked his friend at a party on October 28th, 1988. The next day he told his friend he was going to go away for a few days to work on his anger issues. What UM left out, for reasons unknown, was that David left his home in San Diego and was traveling to El Paso, Texas to be the best man in his friend's wedding! So he actually had a reason to be out in the New Mexico area. When he never arrived for the rehearsal, his father began contacting law enforcement. You can read this article written shortly after his remains were found which contains this new info.

So knowing this new information, I wonder if it's possible that David's car was leaking carbon monoxide (a la Dan Wilson), and that is the reason for his sudden departure of his route to El Paso. He was about 3 hours away from his destination when he stopped off in New Mexico. Like Dan Wilson, he diverted off his intended destination and went elsewhere. Like Dan Wilson, he became violent and angry seemingly out of nowhere shortly before he disappeared. And like Dan Wilson, he abandoned his car and set out on foot before perishing. I think that this is a possible explanation for his erratic behavior, and the weird clues he left behind.
Interesting! Good find!

The segment really did portray the situation as though David just wanted to get away to clear his head after the events at the party. While I think it's certainly within the realm of possibility he might have discussed with other people that he wanted to go to the area in which he was eventually found, leaving out the actual reason he took off on that drive in the first place was a little irresponsible on UM's part, I think. That changes the situation pretty significantly.
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