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Originally Posted by ontarioboi
good point. never understood why americans love this barbaric sport, should be banned and not played at all
Oh, like no one's ever spit out teeth playing hockey.

That being said, the long-term consequences of repeated head trauma in sports is a serious matter. David Stone's angry outburst at the party is consistent with the irritability often suffered by people who have sustained TBIs. However, that particular injury pattern can't really explain the other behaviors he exhibited just prior to his disappearance, such as the religiosity and related behaviors. People who have had their dome rocked multiple times get headaches, forget things, lose visual focus, become irritable. They don't normally do things like search for The Beast and scribble Fibonacci sequences in the dirt.

But, as Jetjack said, we're really just beginning to better understand TBI and mTBI. I've known several people who have been diagnosed with it and it unfortunately remains to be seen what long-term consequences they may suffer as a result. I hope the DoD and VA continue to fund research and treatment here in the States.
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