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Originally posted by CollegeGirl

Imagine this. After a long, stressful day, you come home and collapse in your favorite chair. You pick up the remote control and snap on the television set. You flip through the channels until you land onto some news program. The anchorwoman is standing in front of the Smithsonian, half in tears. You listen intently, anitcipating the news.

Anchorwoman: Yes, I am afraid it is indeed a sad day for all of Fonzie's devoted fans. Last night, at approximately 1:45 a.m. a masked mad woman snuck past the guards and security systems of D.C.'s finest museum. She carefully crept down the coordors until she came upon her target. Did this woman steal the prized Hope Diamond? No. Did she she steal artifacts from King Tut's tomb? No. What she stole was even more precious than that. This fiend, this monster, stole legendary Arthur Fonzarelli's leather jacket......and along with it, she stole a chunk of America's heart.

Irritated by the news, you flip off the television set.You can't believe what you're hearing. "It can't be true," you repeat over and over to yourself. "Surely, no one would stoop to stealing Fonzie's jacket." Then, you remember this odd redhead from Sitcoms Online. You recount the posts you read regarding this woman's obsession for Fonzie. You thought it was all in good fun. Surely, CollegeGirl would never steal his jacket. A lump forms in your stomach, as you carefully flip the t.v. back on. You discover that Henry Winkler himself, has flown to Washington, D.C. to mourn the loss of his jacket. Henry is talking about his perspective on this heist.

Henry: Let me tell you. Whoever would stoop so low as to steal such a beloved possesion is an insult to humanity. I can only imagine the sick, demented plans she has lined up for this jacket.

Anchorwoman: Surely, America will not be having happy days until this jacket is recovered and justice is served. Ted, over to you.

You click the t.v. off again. Your heart is racing wildly and thoughts bombard through your head. You turn on your computer and log onto the internet. Your fingers glide over the keyboard as you type in the URL for SO. Apparently, everyone else realized who stole this jacket too, because the HD board is overflowing with users. You quickly scan through all the posts, hoping to see some sign proving your theories correct. Did Collegegirl really steal Fonzie's jacket?


In a house tucked miles and miles from civilization, a young woman drapes a leather jacket across a chair, and sits down beside it. She strokes the breast of the jacket lovingly. She gently presses her cheek against it and sniffs the memories that it must still contain. She then closes her eyes as she dreams about what it must have been like to be held in Fonzie's arms.

Collegegirl: *dreamily* Yes, Fonzie. I WILL be your six star girl.

NOTE: Please allow me to explain. BEFORE, you roll your eyes and mark this off as just another of CG's crazy tandrums, let me give you insight as to why I wrote this. I have to write a 50 page script for a play as part of an admission's process for NYU. I have yet to come up with a topic, though. But, I think it will be based on a young woman who is should I word this?.........derranged. Everyone around her watches her fall from a socialite to an outcast overnight. They all whisper behind her back. Then, it happens. (*a piano plays, "Duh...duh....duh..."*) And the audience sees this girl fall into the clutches of insanity. It's supposed to be a farce on reality. Hopefully it'll bring a few laughs.

And I hope no one took offense to this. This was in no way a means to poke fun at anyone but myself. I would never make fun of anyone BUT me. I love everyone WAY too much! I would never make fun of Fonzie's leather jacket, anyone wanting to see it, or my beloved Henry Winkler. Nor, would I make fun of anyone on this board. You are all just too wonderful.

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