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Default Re: The Smithsonian--Fonzies Jacket

Originally posted by ?MsConanOBrien?
Whos been to DC and saw Fonzies jacket?? What was it like? Were you allowed to take pictures? Was it... breathtaking?

I plan on going to DC for my birthday (either that, see Conan again.. or both!! ) to finally see Fonzies jacket. The experience will be so amazing! Seeing something from my favorite show..WORN by Henry in the 70s! Itll be something I wont forget! I hope youre allowed to take pics, because some places like that dont allow you to. Even if youre not, Im gonna sneak a shot anyways lol-- itll be worth it if I got thrown out!

Yes, I wemt there for a school tri[p back in june last year for m June 4-7 . I actually do have a pic, also theres an HD lunchbag, I took a pic of that too. Its in the American History museum, they also havbve Dorothys ruby slippers in The Wiz of oz and ab unch of other stuff

If I can find it, ill post the pic

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