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Originally Posted by TV_on_the_Porch View Post
The reunion movie was already in the works when GA came to Nick @ Nite--and this special is the first place I heard about it. Sid Melton was also on it. The actors were brought one at a time, and the shot above is apparently from before his entrance. I can't remember if Tom Lester was also featured, I don't think he was. Frank Cady definitely was not.
I remember that special and no Frank Cady, Mary Grace Canfield and Tom Lester weren't on it.
the Clampetts are in a fancy Beverly Hills jewelry store. Granny points to a tray of rubies.

Granny: "How much fer one o' them red diamonds?"
clerk: "Madam, those are rubies."
Granny: "OK ask her kin we buy one offa her."
clerk: " The ruby I am talking about is not a lady."
Granny: "Lissen, how she got them diamonds is her business. I'm just sayin' ask her kin we buy one from her."
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