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Questions & Clarifications:

- To begin with judging from some of the comments, I'm assuming aside from the clipping of tags here and there (the 1-800 # and such), the streaming content is sourced from the original NBC broadcasts rather than the Lifetime syndications? For example, they didn't remove content (aside from what I mentioned above) in order to allow room for the updates?

- In regards to the PSS: I doubt these will ever be assimilated into the catalog so to speak. CM would have to pay out to the estates of Raymond Burr and Karl Malden respectively and I'm guessing that since they have never included these segments in their original broadcast form in any form of syndication, they aren't going to be available for stream now either.

- In regards to "Gulf Breeze" and other lost/banned segments: As has been mentioned elsewhere on this forum, there are a handful of segments that courted a degree of controversy back when they were originally broadcast to the point where they never reached syndication. I'm not talking about the fabled "Too Hot For Lifetime/Only Aired At 2 AM" segments but the segments that never made syndication period. "Gulf Breeze" was one of these but there were also legitimate issues with segments such as "Janet Parker O'Regan" and "Doyle Wheeler" and those are only the ones we have been made aware of! So if those segments are omitted as well, it's likely due to the knowledge we have already been made aware of.
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