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Angry Quite frankly, I don't like or care for the mom or actress too much

I don't know if it's the way that the Jenna Wrather character is written or the way that the actress, Rebecca Metz inhabits it. But she has an extremely abrasive and haughty air about her. I don't know how to properly explain it without going into some detail, but I find Rebecca Metz's delivery and the way that she projects herself to be incredibly off-putting, even when it's unintentional. She has a very shrill speaking voice that alternates between gravelly and whiney. She I suppose, has what I would call "Bonnie Franklin syndrome", where she unintentionally comes across as an unsympathetic mother character because of the unrelentingly shrewish, monstrous, and bossy way that she projected herself on One Day at a Time.

Plus, the way that she interacted with me (mind you that I wasn't actively trying to get in contact with her) on Quora really made we question if I should dislike the woman portraying her too. I once asked a question about whether it’s good for an actor’s career if they don’t want to go on talk shows, junkets, and publicity and what not. I got an extremely defensive response by Rebecca Metz by saying something along the lines of “I know a lot of people who don’t like parts of their job, IS THAT WRONG!?”

I before that, asked on Quora why somebody like Kim Basinger was she was appearing in roles that were decidedly unsavory as of late like Fifty Shades Darker and The Nice Guys, and Ms. Metz jumped on my question by saying “Why would you consider it a RELEGATION!?”. The subtext of that response to me sounded like I was being extremely ignorant for asking why an Academy Award winner and one time A-lister like Kim Basinger was now taking on sleazy, lowly supporting roles. It just struck me as extremely judgmental and condescending.

Maybe what annoyed me about those particular responses on Quora is that I felt that my words and my frame of questioning were taken out of context by Rebecca Metz and used directly against me to show how ignorant I must be. It was a means to show that I have no right or clue to be asking such questions about the entertainment industry and how it works or how truly hard it is to be an actor.

More recently, I linked a blog question/discussion asking how do you feel about actors who constantly complain about how unfair the industry is? Are they so ungrateful that they’re working actors in the first place? And this is the response that I got:
I feel it’s absurd to presume to form an opinion of anyone based on the content of a website that prides itself on serving up a “steaming pile of pointless bitchery.” A handful of out-of-context quotes spanning years of a person’s life is not “constant complain(ing.)” It’s just a cheap website trying to make money by trashing celebrities.
I kind of laugh at that remark about websites making money by trashing celebrities because what does that make Twitter then? Jimmy Kimmel to give you a better idea, has a recurring segment in which celebrities read mean and nasty tweets about them. By that logic, Twitter makes money off of trashing celebrities in itself. Also, what are gossip sites devoted to "blind items"/rumors/innuendoes (that hints to celebrities' apparent dirty laundry and their skeletons in the closet) like Crazy Days and Nights about them?

If Rebecca Metz is going to complain about cheap websites that make money off of trashing celebrities, then one needs to understand that you can't be thin skinned if you're going to be an actor. Celebrities are of course, public figures and are therefore, frequently the subject of scrutiny if not criticism. Simply put, if you can't reconcile with that fact then you need to find another profession (in the private sector).

I responded in the comments section to what Rebecca Metz said in that I simply put didn't appreciate the (in my mind, hostile and condescending) tone that she took in several of her responses to me in Quora. Well, sure enough, she soon disabled the comments section on her account and presumably, muted me. Maybe it was a case of me snapping at someone who I felt repeatedly went out of their way to act like they were too good to give a formal or reasonable answer to my "dumb/ignorant/clueless" questions about her profession.

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