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Originally Posted by Guardian View Post
Well, f#$% there goes any real interest I have in the new series. I can't stand how the newer shows are done either in all text or with some artsy camera angles introducing a survivor or family member telling the story. I'm sure I'll still watch it, but they are shooting themselves in the foot for trying to make it so contemporary.

Why do they think they are getting the numbers that they are on streaming services? BECAUSE PEOPLE LIKE THE ORIGINAL FORMAT. If it isn't broke, don't fix it. Minor adjustments for a new era are to be expected, but Unsolved Mysteries without a host? Check please.
I share your feelings, but realistically, how should they produce the show?
There's quite a bit of intangibles that make the original show great. People complain about the conciseness of the segments, but that too is why it's great. Here's a photo or sketch; quick dramatization; quick speculation; opposing viewpoint; and on to the next story. They left details out all the time, and that's where our imaginations kicked in.

It's also difficult to replicate a former state in time. Nostalgia gets very close, but intentionally gets it wrong, to differentiate from the source material. Stranger Things is an exercise in aesthetics, but seemingly fails to capture the actual zeitgeist of the period. To explore this concept I have two experiments:

1) Watch all the 80s "kid cast" films. Then watch Super 8. The aesthetic is there, but the films rings hollow.

2) Watch as much of this channel as you can.
It will figuratively transport you back in time, to the 1980s. I can watch 80s films back-to-back, but the only thing that will actually take me back there are these commercials. It's a unique experience that only occurs with people who lived during that time. Young folks watch these commercials and just laugh.

Another thing I want to mention is perception; how humans thought in the 80s and 90s. The unexplained segments at the beginning of the series were taken seriously, likely due to modernist thinking (There's a logical explanation for this, and it's extraterrestrials). Near the end of the series, the unexplained segments suffered tremendously in quality, I speculate, due to a shift towards postmodernism. Why bother searching for the truth if the truth is whatever you want it to be?

What are we hoping for here, ultimately? A dramatized crime/mystery show with an 80s aesthetic that tries to solve 21st century crimes/mysteries with an 80s frame of mind? Can you imagine that? It's a wishy-washy concept. They'd have to pretend not to be aware of certain scientific and cultural advancements to interact in that hypothetical space. Even the original UM suffered from presentism in some places.

Things were scarier and more mysterious when you had to reach a land line to call the police; Things aren't that scary or mysterious when everyone has a computer more powerful than the Apollo Lunar Module in their front pocket.
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