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Default Why did Sesame Street change it's format and show less skits?

Ever since I was a toddler I occasionally watched Sesame Street and it used to be a nice show with unique live action and animated skits and films but now if your toddler watches Sesame Street you'll noticed that it's a completely different show. Take for instance I noticed that Sesame Street is now shown in a block format with few live action scenes and I cannot figure out why they did this? Second why is it that Sesame Street now has it's characters in it's own segments like Abby's Flying Fairy School and Super Grover and Murray Had A Little Lamb? Is this because to add more stuff to Sesame Street that the new generation can enjoy? Another thing I have noticed about Sesame Street is that they have done away with the classic skits and films and the films that they show now are all animated cartoons and I remember when Sesame Street had great films and skits like Cecile The Bouncing Rubber Ball and the skits with songs like Reach Your Hands Up High Elbows And Knees and the funny cartoon skits like the one with the silly cartoon hotel bellhop and the number pinball machine and the classic Alphaquest films that featured a girl trying to find a door that took her to a magic world and Sesame Street should bring these types of skits back to the show. Another thing that I find surprising is on Sesame Street that why do they have the Elmo's World segment take up the last part of the show? Sesame Street should've made Elmo's World it's own show and replaced it with a live action scene with the end credits. The end credits had the most awesome theme with chimes at the end and I don't know why Sesame Street decided to have a more urban sounding end credits theme in the 90's. If Sesame Street decides to return to it's classic roots I can bet they will get a new audience of infants and toddlers everywhere
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