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Gilligan Fanatic-- You might want to check out are a couple of episodes with original commercials on there ("On the Spot" & "And Then There Were None"). I've also seen some "Gilligan" episodes with original commercials at various 16mm film conventions.

I've been lucky enough to find about 25-30 "I Love Lucy" episodes with original commercials, such as:

The Girls Want to Go to a Nightclub
Be a Pal
The Diet
Lucy Thinks Ricky Is Trying to Murder Her
The Operetta
The Club Election
Lucy & Ethel Buy the Same Dress
California, Here We Come
Lucy's Italian Movie
Don Juan is Shelved
The Courtroom
Lucy Goes to the Hospital
Job Switching
Lucy Does a TV Commercial
Lucy Gets Homesick in Italy
Lucy Learns to Drive
Lucy Does the Tango
Breaking the Lease
The Gossip

As well as some more episodes. I have also found many "Here's Lucy" and "The Lucy Show" with original commercials, but I'm looking for more "I Love Lucy" episodes out there. Plus some of my ILL copies aren't so good quality-wise, so I'm also looking for better quality copies of episodes with original commercials I already have.
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