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It's known that Janice has problems. She even admitted that on the show and I commend her for doing so. I think Janice's immaturity comes from being given so much at such a young age and also having so much taken away from her. Since her father was abusive and her mother was a pill popper, a lot of her childhood was taken away from her. And then becoming a model at such a young age and being given all these things as a result, she became very spoiled.

She was a drug user way back when. All of her marriages failed. I think she is doing the best she can with her kids but she really does have problems. I agree with Omarosa that she needs help but not because she's on drugs. I really don't think she is.

I read Janice's book a few months ago and it really helped me to understand her more. She's just a very troubled person with a very dark past. I, personally, can relate a little bit because I haven't had the best life either but mine hasnt been nearly as bad as hers. Going through certain things at a young age makes you very defensive in a lot situations. It makes you very sensitive. So I dont blame Janice for flipping out the way she did.
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