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Originally Posted by Yong Fang View Post
Is the “token black character” racist? I have been watching WKRP lately and was thinking about that with Tim Reid who played Gordon “Venus Flytrap” Sims. He was mostly on that show because the show needed a black face, but the show was intelligent enough to address Venus being black in an all white workplace, and Venus along with Andy (and Jennifer and Bailey) were the most intelligent and mature characters.

But some traditional black shows had a token white person on it also, mostly a recurring character. The doorman on The Jeffersons or the white cop(s) on Sanford and Son.

Blacks make up 14 percent of the population so they should represent 14 percent of the characters but it depends on the place and even the time.
I don't know if you are serious or what???

There were many African American radio station DJs in the USA during the 1970s/80s. WKRP didn't need an African American face as a token series character. Tim Reid was one of the main series characters. He brought a lot of positive attributes to the show in his role.

The Jeffersons had Tom Willis as one of the main series characters as well as Bentley the Jefferson's next door neighbor besides the doorman character.

Sanford & Son had a pair of cops on the show in reoccurring roles. One was Caucasian and the other was African American. They were partners on the police force and showed up at the Sanford's residence together.

The make up of a sitcom cast should reflect the nature of the sitcom.

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