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Originally Posted by SitcomsHeydayfan View Post
No blacks on Three's Company but they had a VERY funny Mexican character named Felipe but the actor who played him was Italian. They did have some black extras though.

Hollywood has gone completely INSANE! There is no need for EVERY single show to have minority characters as part of its regular cast!

Just like there is no need for a black show like Fresh Prince to have any white regular cast members & it DOESN'T!
Is the “token black character” racist? I have been watching WKRP lately and was thinking about that with Tim Reid who played Gordon “Venus Flytrap” Sims. He was mostly on that show because the show needed a black face, but the show was intelligent enough to address Venus being black in an all white workplace, and Venus along with Andy (and Jennifer and Bailey) were the most intelligent and mature characters.

But some traditional black shows had a token white person on it also, mostly a recurring character. The doorman on The Jeffersons or the white cop(s) on Sanford and Son.

Blacks make up 14 percent of the population so they should represent 14 percent of the characters but it depends on the place and even the time.
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