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Originally Posted by Lamont

last time i was in Vegas (in the last year) its sad how many of the classic casinos are gone

AND they are now going to tear down the STARDUST in 2007 to rebuild it bigger and allegedly better. About all that is left is the Frontier and the Alladin (but thats not the original, it was totally rebuilt too!)

I wish that more people in Vegas would pay attention to the history and not just be interested in what new cheezy gimmick casino there can be now---- does anyone really care if a casino looks like a pyramid or like a pirate ship?
Yeah, the last time I was in Vegas (Oct 2004), it was at "Lake Las Vegas", a new development on the outskirts which (at least at that time) was so totally anti-Vegas it was scary. (The place actually closed down (casino too!) and was dark in the middle of the night!) I didn't have the chance to get to the strip, so although I know they are tearing down the few remaining legendary casinos, I didn't get a chance to check out which ones still existed at that time. It's so sad, when you think of the history (good & bad).
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