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Default Honeymooners Episode Reviews: "Dorsey Bros. Show" & "The Prowler":

Honeymooners Episode Reviews: "Dorsey Bros. Show" & "The Prowler":

Episode #54
TV: In 2019, Decades channel aired this episode in an edited fashion so it can fit it in a half-hour format.
DVD: Attached to “Honeymooners Christmas Party” (’52 version), “Glow Worm Cleaning”, “Alice Plays Cupid”, “Suspense”, “Lost Job”, “Anniversary Gift”, “Income Tax”,” “Alice’s Aunt Ethel”, “What’s Her Name”, “Lunch Box”, “Hot Tips”, “Norton Moves In”, “Ralph’s Diet”, “Dinner Guest” & “Manager of The Baseball Team” (’53 version).
Air Date: 5/23/53

"Dorsey Bros. Show":

Trixie comes into the Kramden apartment with the phonograph with the record. Alice comes out dressed as a Mexican dancer. Trixie says that she will be the star of the Bus Driver’s Ball. Trixie puts the record on and Alice dances to the music. Ralph comes in and is surprised. He turns off the music. Alice wants to explain. Ralph: “Babaloo your way out of this.” An I Love Lucy reference. Alice explains. She mentions that Ralph is the head of the entertainment committee of the Bus Driver’s Ball. Ralph: “You are not laying any egg on any stage.” Alice: “My dance won’t lay an egg.” Ralph: “You are right; it will lay a Spanish omelet.” Trixie says that Alice is really very good. Ralph disagrees. Alice: “She was in show business.” Ralph: “There is a big difference between a stage and a runway.” Trixie: “Are you insisting that I was in burlesque?” Ralph: “If the shoe fits, take it off.” Trixie is upset. Ralph asks Alice for dinner. Alice: “You can get it yourself.” Ralph doesn’t like that. Ralph: “Since the beginning of time, it has been the man’s job to hunt the food and your job to prepare it.” Alice calls Ralph a caved-in caveman and dares Ralph to hit her over the head with a club. Ralph is even more upset. Alice: “Our wedding stopped a theatrical career for me. My family is talented. My mother could have been a great actress. She gave up a chance to appear in silent pictures but she gave it up to have a family.” Ralph: “Har har. The only reason why she didn’t appear in silent pictures was that she couldn’t keep silent.” Alice says that Ralph’s brother, Eddie is very untalented. Alice says that she will be in that show and be a big hit. A similar scene took place later in “Songs & Witty Sayings”/”Life Upon The Wicked Stage.”

Ed comes in. Ralph explains to Ed what happened. Ed tells that he met Trixie when he was an usher. Yet another story about how Ed met Trixie for the first time. Ralph didn’t mean to upset Trix and tells Ed to apologize on his behalf. Ralph is looking for entertainment. Ed offers his services. The only thing he can do is do an imitation of Times Square. Ed imitates cars driving and says things like: “Read all about it” as well as other quotes people yell when they are in that area. What talent. Ralph says that they got Tommy Dorsey for the dance. He will contact him to get him to appear for nothing. Ralph brings out Alice and explains that he is trying to get Tommy (but he doesn’t say his name) and if he can’t get him during his lunch hour, she is to call the musician’s union to get him.

The next day, Trixie comes by. Alice says that JIMMY Dorsey is coming over and explains what she did. Ralph comes home. Alice is preparing hors d’ourves. Ralph teases Trix about her burlesque background by horribly singing: “A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody.” Trixie leaves. Ralph says that he contacted Dorsey and got him to come over tonight. Alice explains that she did the same thing. She says that she got JIMMY Dorsey. Ralph is upset. Ralph: “They hate each other.” Laughter is heard probably because in real-life, it wasn’t true. Tommy Dorsey comes in. They introduce each other. Tommy says that the people will react favorably due to the changes in music that were going on. Ralph tries to get Tommy to leave. Alice: “That must be Jimmy.” Ralph: “Jimmy Holfsetter.” Ralph says that Tommy better go in the bedroom because Jimmy got a disease. Tommy does. Ed comes in. Ed: “Trixie says that Ed Jimmy Dorsey is coming over.” Ralph says that Tommy is in the bedroom. Ed: “Tommy can sleep in the kitchen.” Tom comes out and introduces Tom to “Jimmy.” Ed doesn’t know what is going on but he asks Tom to sign a few autographs for people he knows in the sewer (Bill and Harold). He also asks him to sign an autograph for Herman and have it signed from Joe DiMaggio since he hates music but loves baseball. Ha!

A knock on the door is heard. Ralph asks Ed to go in the bedroom with Tom. They do. Ralph asks Alice to talk to Tommy in the bedroom. She does. Jimmy Dorsey comes in. Ralph explains that the bus drivers are running a dance and asks him to appear. Jimmy says that Alice already explained it to him and he says that he and his band think that it is a great idea. Jimmy says that he and his band need to rehearse. Alice comes out and says that he (meaning Tom) has agreed to appear. Alice goes to get Tommy Dorsey while Ralph tries to get Tommy to look outside the window so Tommy wouldn’t see him. Tommy comes out with Alice & Ed. Ralph says that the person looking out the window is sick. Tommy leaves. Ed: “I’ll walk him to the subway. I hope your friend feels better.” Ralph tries to force food on Jimmy. After a few seconds, Ralph says that Jimmy can leave now. Jimmy does. Ralph is so happy that he got Jimmy to play at the ball. Alice says that she got Tommy to play and that she thought that Ralph talked him out of it. Ralph is upset. Ralph thinks things over. Ralph: “If one of them shows up first, the other one that shows up after that leaves.” Alice: “What if they show up simultaneously?” Ralph: “Then I leave. There will be blood all over the joint.”

At the ball, people are dancing while a band (which in the storyline at least, includes Jerry Patt and his pit) is playing. After that, a man (played by George Petrie), asks everyone to give them a hand. The man and a woman from the crowd conduct a drawing for a door prize by picking a number out of a fishbowl. The person, who has that number, wins a 21 inch mahogany TV set. Before that, the man asks everyone not to throw your hot dog rolls on the dance floor. The number is 122. Two people (Ralph Kramden and a character played by Frank Marth) say that they have the number. Frank’s character says that he is not a bus driver, but he got here because a friend of his is a bus driver. They both have a fight and Ralph “punches” him. Ralph finds out that his paper says 122 on it, but it is a hat check and not a ticket. Ralph apologizes. The man played by Frank Marth is identified as Jack Philbin. Gee, I wonder where they got THAT name. Jerry Patt and his pit play another song. People dance along.

Later on, Ralph is at his table. He gets told that Tommy has arrived with his band. Ralph goes backstage. Jimmy Dorsey arrives. Ed tries to get Jimmy out of there. Jimmy sees Tommy and wonders why he is up there. Ed, being stupid, says: “Hey Tommy, what are you doing?” Tommy wonders what Jimmy is doing. They both said that Ralph wanted them to play here. Since Tommy is here, Jimmy wants to leave. So does Tommy. Ralph comes out and seeing the Dorseys, tries to go away. Alice calls for Ralph to come back. Everyone is watching. Alice explains that they don’t want to play and she states the reason. Mr. Ferguson, the President of the Gotham Bus Company comes by. He has heard of them leaving the joint. If they do, they will ruin their dance. He is also beginning to think that all of this is all Ralph’s fault. If they leave, Ralph will have to leave with them. Because of the money and time spent for the dance, Ralph will be fired. Ralph blames the Dorseys for him getting fired. They will agree to play for Ralph. They also bury the hatchet because they were feuding over nothing. (They can’t remember why they hate each other.) Ralph says that when the Dorseys play, they are a riot. When they are single, they are a small riot. They Dorseys play music. Here comes the boring part for me at least. The first song sounds like “Hokey-Pokey” I can’t identify the song. After that, they play a slow dance song. The lights get turned off and everyone gets on the floor to dance. A spotlight shines on people. A singer from the band is shown with the spotlight as the camera does a close-up on him as he sings the lyrics. I think the song is “Ruby, It’s You.” After the song, the lights come back on. Another song that I can’t identify is played. Everyone is standing and clapping. Everyone makes room as Ed & Trixie dance. Soon after that, everyone makes room so Ralph can dance. Jackie Gleason shows off some of his usual dance moves. Some of which were used in “Mama Loves Mambo.” After that, Tommy plays another song that I can’t identify as the episode ends.

Episode #55 (syndicated episode #86)
TV: Attached to "Glow Worm Cleaning Powder."
VCR: Attached to "Stars Over Flatbush."
DVD: Attached to "Stand-In For Murder" & "Box Top Kid." On the Lost Episodes DVD Box Set, it is attached to “Guest Speaker”, “Vacation At Fred’s Landing” (’53 version), “Sprained Thumb” (’53 version), “Lucky Number”, “Hot Dog Stand”, “Two Tickets To The Fight”, “Halloween Party” (’53 version), “Champagne & Caviar” & “Letter To The Boss” (’53 version)
Air Date: 6/6/53

"The Prowler":

A cop knocks on Alice's door and warns her that a prowler is in the building but he's going to watch out for him. Alice is too nervous to go to sleep so she wakes up Ralph. Ralph wakes up and Alice explains that a crook is in the building and she is too nervous to go to sleep. Ralph: "Why don't you ask your mother to stay up with you? She knows a lot about men coming into the house this late at night. Ask your father."

Ralph gets the dresser and chairs and piles it up against the door. Ralph: "I do more work at night then most people do all day." Sure, you do Ralph. Someone knocks on the door and Ralph and Alice think it's the prowler so Ralph gets his old gun and tells Alice that if something happens to him, she would be covered. He is leaving all of the things in the apartment to her in his will. Alice should have sarcastically said: "Gee, thanks Ralph." The person who knocks on the door is Norton. So Ralph opens the door to let him in. Ed: "I just thought I would come by and tell you to pile up things against the door." Ralph: "Thank you but I already have done that." Ed: "How did I get in?" Ed is so stupid. Alice says that Ed should be upstairs protecting Trixie.

Another knock is heard so Ed thinking it’s the prowler yells: "HEY, GO AWAY!" It's Trixie. Trixie comes in and Alice says she gave them an awful scare. Ed replies: "That's okay Alice. She always looks like this in the morning." Ha! Trixie sys that Ed should have been upstairs protecting her. Ed says that he would but he heard the footsteps, thinking it's the prowler. Ralph says that it was Trixie. Ed: "Trixie is the prowler?" Ralph: "You are a mental case." Ed and Trixie leave.

Alice gives Ralph a cup of water and it is really hot. The water looks to be soapy. How could that happen? Ralph: "3am and we get hot water. During the day it's ice cold." Ralph says that as long as he's with Alice, nothing can happen to her just as the prowler is coming through the window (even though there is no fire escape that is visible.) Why would a thief come into a place where the lights are on? Ralph: "Just relax. Relax. Relax..." The prowler hits Ralph on the head. Ralph is unconscious. Alice notices the prowler and screams. The policeman comes by and nabs the prowler. Later on, Ralph regains consciousness. Ralph: "...Just relax. Relax. Relax." Ralph says something about his old gun and how there was no way it could have harmed anybody. Ralph accidentally hits the trigger and the gun makes such a noise that it stuns Ralph. Ralph: "You are married to the prize dope of all times." They hug.

When I saw this episode for the first time, I was laughing my head off and immediately assumed that it was going to be a good 30-minute episode. (This was before I found out that fifteen minute Honeymooners sketches were made.) I was disappointed when I saw the ending come at the fifteen minute mark.

Credit I believe goes to the old Bill 'Mooners Archive,,, Honeymooners Lost Episodes Book,,, Honeymooners Box Set booklet Honeymooners Lost Episodes DVD booklet, Yahoo! Groups You’re A Riot! &
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