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I did find this (incomplete) article which was written before the UM segment aired:

A hypnotist says his client claims that she was Seaman 1st Class John Gillespie on the USS Nevada. Baranowski said it began in 1980, when the client came to him for help in weight loss. One of Baranowski's techniques, he said, is to take a client back to an early age to see whether and how she has been "programmed" to overeat for instance, by parents who tell a child, "There are children starving in China" or "Eat everything or Mommy won't love you." When the woman was regressed to age 2, however, she was in a nightmare about water burning, fire surrounding her, and planes attacking. Baranowski said he quickly brought her up to age 4 and then age 8, and she was still in the nightmare. Baranowski questioned the woman's family and determined that she had had this nightmare all her life. She also became very moody and teary each year around Dec. 7. Several months later, the woman had lost about 30 pounds but not the nightmare. Baranowski says he now has spent eight years tape-recording the woman under hypnosis and seven years researching her story at a cost of about $51,000. He has more than 700 pages of documents in an effort to prove that his client's recall of that day is accurate. With Scanlan's help getting military records, Baranowski was able to confirm that there was a John Gillespie in the Navy and that he did die at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941. Baranowski said he led a tour group to Hawaii, and the woman, who was 27 at the time, went along. "One day, the group met at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel for a harbor tour," he said. "Everybody else was laughing and happy, and (the woman) was extremely upset. She kept saying all those hotels weren't supposed to be there, and she was very agitated." When the group got to Pearl Harbor for the tour, he said, his client was almost out of control, saying the planes were coming and everyone had to run. On the tour boat, Baranowski said, she was sobbing and saying, "I don't want to die, oh Sam, oh Sam." He said that when they reached the USS Arizona Memorial, she lost it completely. "She was running up to people, grabbing them by the shoulders and saying, 'They're drowning, they're drowning, oh Sam, Sam,' " Baranowski said. He said he took her to a private corner and hypnotized her. "When I asked her name, she said, 'Seaman 1st Class John Gillespie of Omaha, Nebraska, of the USS Nevada'. "He was 20 years old, and his best friend was Sam, Sherman Maurice Watts, who was on the USS Arizona." Kris Palmer of Los Angeles, segment producer for Unsolved Mysteries, heard the story from a friend who had met Baranowski at a resort. "We get hundreds and hundreds of calls and letters a week, most of which aren't really mysterious," she said. "But this was intriguing. The people involved were credible, and after studying it, I got more interested in the fact that a 27-year-old woman would know what went on". Palmer is unsure of the airdate for the show, but said it will not be before fall. Among the mysteries the show will try to resolve is the woman's memories of John Gillespie's Hawaiian sweetheart, whom he had nicknamed "Sugar." They had had a fight the night of Dec. 6, and he was supposed to return the next afternoon so they could resolve their problem. "Under hypnosis, (the woman) described 'Sugar,' and a sketch artist drew pictures," Baranowski said. "They will be shown on the show." We're hoping she's still alive. If so, she can confirm all this and more." Scanlan said he had mixed emotions when Baranowski requested his help. "I had never made up my mind if I believed in reincarnation," he said. "After listening to Frank's tapes, I thought it just might be possible." "After retrieving records and helping Baranowski validate the woman's claims, is he a believer now? "You bet," he said.
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