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Default Sharon Johnson reincarnation story Pearl Harbor

Just watched this last night and was wondering what the consensus was. Briefly, she claimed that while under hypnosis she regained memories of a past life in which she was a young navy man named John Gillespie who was killed during Pearl Harbor.

A few things struck me as odd.

Of course, no records of a serviceman named John Gillespie could be found, allegedly because of fires.

She had memories of an Ensign Joseph Taussig losing his leg. I did some Googling and his story is actually pretty widely known. Granted, I'm not sure how common such knowledge would have been at the time.

She didn't use her real name on the segment.

Finally, she seemed to have a odd relationship with her therapist who was her number one supporter on the segment. I say odd because it was disclosed, for instance, that they traveled to Hawaii together which is when she began having further recovered memories of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Granted, I know nothing about her therapy aside from the fact that UM mentioned she originally sought out the therapist because she wanted to lose weight and couldn't through traditional means (so maybe something psychological was suspected). In any event, it seemed atypical of therapist/patient relationships. I also found it interesting that UM made a point to polygraph both of them specifically to see if the story was a hoax.

Any thoughts?
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