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Originally posted by Christopher
I don't see how fans are happy that JER is back. He sucks at writing soap operas. He'll be doing a great story then drag it out and then start it back again on different or same characters. It is annoying.
Maybe this will explain it some:

A fellow poster once said this- "The skeptics that say James Reilly will make a joke of this show and ruin what is special, may have reasons for their feelings but they didnít see what I saw. I saw two incredibly passionate people and a writer who knew how to make them shine. "

The reason people are happy about it is that most are not looking at what he has done to or with Passions, he writes the two completely different, most long time fans, remember the great things he did write once upon a time, and hope that he will do that again. Maybe that makes you understand it a bit better, because I see where you're coming from with your doubts about him, I'm still a little skeptical because I've been burned by so many writers, like Hackley, I figured that woman would be a good writer since she's been with the show for over a decade but BOY WAS I WRONG!!. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the Reilly we see emerge is the same old one.

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"As she gets more desperate and frightened, he
becomes her salvation, as she falls apart, he's right there. It's every child's fantasy and every woman's fantasy of a husband, where he is a knight in shining armor. And Drake is magnificent
at it. It's clean and it's pure and it's right there in front of you." ~ Deidre Hall

"John has always been her salvation. I'm not sure Marlena believes anyone can clear her, but if anyone can do it, it will be John." ~ Deidre Hall

"Yes, it does look really bleak right now (for John and Marlena). I know that, but as in any good fairy tale there's a lot of pain to get through in order to reach the end of a good or happy ending." ~ Ken Corday

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