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If anyone gets ripped off AND you have the address of the person who stole the money.
All you need to do is call the police department in that town and ask to speak with the internet crimes division, if they do not have one then ask for a detective.
They can file a complaint and based on your proof, they can charge the person with various things from internet fraud to federal fraud to larceny.
If this doesn't work contact and see if they can help.

NOONE should get ripped off just trying to be active in their hobby.

I've only been a member on this site for a short time but I used to trade other types of memorabillia on another site like this one. The difference is they had a "reference board" where you went after completing a trade and posted a positive or negative comment on the other trader. Then you just clicked on the persons screenname and you could see the comments on them.

It's not foolproof but at least you get an idea of what the persons trading background looks like and that's enough to make a concious decision to trade with them or not.

Why isn't something like that here?
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