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With all due respect I totally disagree with your premise again and here is why when Fox had released WKRP the first season on dvd which was disaster they took a big hit and with Shout Factory coming to the rescue by releasing the complete Box Set they did something that other studios didn't do which was to clear 90% of the music which we all can accept again you have your opinion and I have mine so again I disagree with you and I still stick with what I have said if there is any studio who can clear music rights for classic shows its Shout Factory and I'm still sticking with that whether or not you disagree with me or not I trust them more then anybody else so with all due respect I don't want nobody telling me that obtaining music rights is prohibitive expansive for them which I dont buy because if that was the case then they wouldn't have wasted their time obtaining music for WKRP and the Fact of Life complete boxset and whatever else show that they were able to get their hands on I rest my case
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