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Originally Posted by LaBestia View Post
I saw the preview advertising the Temptation Island reboot on USA and what I can guarantee is that it will last a week or more before USA cancels it because what I can tell you is that USA bought the rights to Temptation Island from FOX after FOX cancelled it after two seasons and when the original Temptation Island aired on FOX Mom and I saw only the first season and from what we saw of it Mom and I disliked Temptation Island because it was simply a show that that was not worthy of watching because every single episode of Temptation Island had repeated the same thing over and over and it had no big deal money prize to win at the end and wasn't that much great and at the finale of Temptation Island was simply a question to ask each couple if they chose to get engaged or stay together. The only thing that will probably get Temptation Island great ratings is Mark L. Walberg because he hasn't done any other shows besides Antiques Roadshow and Mark L. Walberg was a huge star for FOX by starring in The Moment Of Truth and the original Temptation Island but I bet USA chose him to host the Temptation Island reboot because Mark thinks that USA will choose him to host a game show or star in a drama series for USA. But this in general is the worst reality show in the world and why USA chose to revive Temptation Island is something i'll never figure out
I wasn't a fan of Temptation Island, but I do like Mark L. Walberg, but I wish that GSN or some other network brings back Russian Roulette and have Walberg hostin' the show, to me, it's his best work, but yeah, the Antiques Roadshow was the only thing he has done

USA Network, Good Luck to ya on The NEW Temptation Island
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