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This is going to be heresy to a lot of boomers but the MTM show jumped the shark exactly when Mary placed the M on the ubiquitous wall of her ubiquitous apartment. As Mary suddenly became a feminist career women and all of a sudden supposedly secure in her job in so many ways work was the focus. Main characters Lou, Murry, Ted and Sue Ann became somewhat cloying and stock. Mary had her stock moves like disgust or crying in ways that were annoying. Georgette and Ted was finally too much, too saccharine. Chuckles Bites the Dust is an annoying one joke, the end episode is just too much.

The show was amazing when Mary lived in that super cool house and how she beat Rhoda out of the room when she had lived there for so long. And she was so guilty about doing it but kept the room. It was always better when the show focused on Mary's life outside of work, her relationship with Rhoda, her interaction with cool characters like the fireman or the wacky football player. There were not stock, cloying and annoying aspects to the show back then and the writing was so much more varied, creative and entertaining. And just for one thing I would have killed to live in that house with Mary.
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