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Originally Posted by DOPEY85xxx
General Hosdpital and wasnt there a soap called The City?

Yes, "The City" aired on ABC from 1996-1997. It was a retooled version of ABC's "Loving" which after years of struggling in the ratings needed an overhaul so in the summer 0f 1995 ABC proceeded to kill off half the characters on the show, mostly the older characters and shipped the remaining members of the cast (give or take a few) to New York City's SoHo district where Tess opened a modeling agency and Ally and Alec among others worked as Private Investigators... This new version of the show introduced Morgan Fairchild's character of Sydney to the show... the series never got good ratings and despite the presence of General Hospital's Jane Elliot (Tracey) the show was canceled in 1997. The set of the show can still be seen to this day as it is used by ABC's talk-show "The View"...
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