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Originally Posted by opus View Post
My story's the opposite. I bought that issue and haven't bought one since

No, nothing like that. They subscribed to Time magazine, and always bought TV Guide at the store. And there were a lot of Sports Illustrateds around but I forget if they came in the mail or not.
We got a lot of magazines in the mail ! Besides my Mom's lady magazines, like you guys we got Time and Sports Illustrated, also Life, Look, National Geographic, Readers digest and TV guide which we bought at the store too, until one day my Dad told my Mom to not buy it anymore, it wasn't necessary because the free TV listing booklet that came in the Sunday paper was perfectly fine ! We all protested because that was a little condensed TV listing booklet, not as good as the real TV guide, but my Dad said no, and back than the Husband/Father ruled the roost and what he said goes, so my Mom never bought it again!

Also we didn't subscribe but we bought them in the store , 16 Magazine and Tiger beat for my Sister and I and Mad magazine for my Brother!
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