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Originally Posted by Bonniegirl View Post
Yeah, like a doctor, a nutritionalist or a man that would have some good, interesting advice for women. But I still think Michael Lembeck is Woman's World cover worthy!!

Remember the reason I started subscribing to Woman's world right? I had been in a store waiting at the checkout and there was Valerie Bertinelli on the cover, so I bought it ( I couldn't wait to tell you, remember ) ? Than when I read the magazine , I really liked it, a sweet old fashioned down to earth ladies magazine like my Mom used to get , and I subscribed!!
My story's the opposite. I bought that issue and haven't bought one since

Originally Posted by Bonniegirl View Post
My Mom used to get Redbook, McCall's , Family Circle ! Did your Mom get those too ?
No, nothing like that. They subscribed to Time magazine, and always bought TV Guide at the store. And there were a lot of Sports Illustrateds around but I forget if they came in the mail or not.
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