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Originally Posted by LaBestia View Post
When Cartoon Network debuted in the 90's it started out as a simple channel that showed the cartoons that everyone had grown up with during their childhood from The Flintstones to Scooby Doo and even showed reruns of 80's cartoons such as Silverhawks and more but as the 2000's began and anime became king Cartoon Network started out creating their own original cartoon series. And soon with cartoons that were hits such as The Powerpuff Girls Courage The Cowardly Dog Cow And Chicken Johnny Bravo and Sheep In The Big City Cartoon Network knew that hit original creations would become huge. But all that changed when Boomerang came into the picture and the Adult Swim lineup debuted along with the anime block Toonami which showed that Cartoon Network was headed toward a new direction of teens older people and college age people. And if you look at it part of the main reason where Cartoon Network's most watched shows come mainly from the Adult Swim lineup. While Cartoon Network still has popular cartoons like Teen Titans Go and Ben 10 it's the Adult Swim cartoons that have taken the glory for Cartoon Network with shows that are monster hits such as Aqua Teen Hunger Force Robot Chicken the ever popular Rick And Morty Mike Tyson Mysteries and others Cartoon Network knows that when you take a popular series it will become a hit for years to come. For example when it debuted in 2013 Rick And Morty became a hit and has now sprawned merchandise from dolls to shirts and figurines and apps and it has garnered a hit fanbase and the same thing happened when Regular Show became a hit cartoon and had the exact same fanbase as Rick And Morty you could tell that Cartoon Network had a secret formula for their shows. But someday Cartoon Network will go back to their roots and start airing the classic cartoons again or perhaps give Adult Swim their own channel and make a channel called Cartoon Favorites and that would make Cartoon Network big money. I also wonder now that The Flintstones are gonna be on METV that it's a big loss to Boomerang too because that was their most loved cartoon classic
Hi, Bestie! Yes cartoon network is probably the most successful of the cartoon oriented networks. Do you think they should expand their Anime cartoon times? I do. What do you thnk?
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