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I am a huge fan of Disney's The Princess And The Frog and was so surprised to see Dr. John sing Down In New Orleans and he brought a hip style to The Princess And The Frog and did you know that originally Randy Newman was gonna sing Down In New Orleans but then as some Disney rumors have said during the recording for Down In New Orleans Randy Newman chickened out at the last minute due to nerves and Dr. John filled in for him and Disney had a winner with Dr. John and they were impressed with his style. Dr. John also sang the theme song to Blossom and it really showed his talent. It's a surprise that in music today you do not see jazz singers like Dr. John because like Leon Redbone Dr. John was one of the best singers in jazz and when it comes to New Orleans music Dr. John will always be number one. And I didn't know he did Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen commercials in the 90's because i'm a giant commercial fan
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