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TV Grey Damon To Guest on "The Flash"

"The Flash" Casts Grey Damon as Supervillain Mirror Master
by Vlada Gelman
August 11, 2016

One of The Flashs most iconic foes is coming to The CW series.

Grey Damon (Aquarius, Star-Crossed) will play the infamous Rogues gallery member Mirror Masterin the fourth episode of Season 3, Comic Book Resources reports.

"The Flashs" incarnation Sam Scudder is a smooth criminal with a huge ego. Upon discovering he now has the power to travel through any reflective surface, Scudder embarks on a massive crime spree to prove himself the greatest thief that Central City has ever seen.

One of several characters to adopt the Mirror Master mantle, Scudder in some DC Comics lore has a romantic relationship with the villainess Golden Glider (aka Lisa Snart on The Flash).

"The Flash" opens Season 3 on Tuesday, Oct. 4, kicking off the return of The CWs superhero slate.
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